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Frage von Alexx:

Hello together,

following problem is happened to me yesterday. Normally I make pictures for free in the daytime a manual white balance in the shade.
(Camcorder JVC GY-Dv5100)
Yesterday I take a test in the sun. 5600K filter with 1 / 8 ND.
Normally, the earlier synonymous went well, but yesterday was the picture then suddenly quite green turquoise. How sowas.
So I know quite synonymous or not, when you have one at White Balance in the sun and one in the shade when and why it does in the sun yesterday looked so funny.



Antwort von Pete21:

Green Turquoise? Maybe the filter was not completely in it? Otherwise - White Balance always do when the light changes. Shadow - WA, Sonne - WA, Tungsten - WA, Artificial otherwise - WA. Artificial light - about 3200, daylight - around 5600K

Daylight is bluish, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent lighting often greenish.


Antwort von Alexx:

The filter would have actually been inside.
I have a WA in the sunlight and made one in the shade.
Since we are mostly in the sun, I have rotated the former WA used. The looked so hideous from. in the shade is good. When I returned to the other, it was moved Murx.
But why?


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