Infoseite // Manual aperture setting on HDC700TM: HOW?

Frage von Rocco Bellato:

Since few days I have the HDC700TM.

I have not yet managed the Aperture manual set so that the exposure remains constant, ie in the background adjusted the shutter speed or the sensitivity accordingly. If this is possible with this camcorder at all or did I wrong Ewart?

So far, the attempt to advance always synonymous manaullen aperture changes the total exposure. Also not the tats floor lord aperture opening is only a dB value displayed. What do I do any wrong?

Thanks for short-term support.


Antwort von Replay:

If the db-value is displayed, the Aperture already fully open (darker area) and the electronic amplification (gain) is active. The gain is measured in db. This is about with the ISO setting when shooting comparable.

Go outside, put the Aperture to a fixed value and you will see that the camera exposure time (shutter) corresponding controls. If the camera exposure is moderate and appears s.Ende the gain, of course, no room is more available for the shutter.




Antwort von Rocco Bellato:


is not in the manual for my Bregiffe described really quite clear.

Werd 's least try it out!



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