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Market Overview "Nonlinear NLE editing systems"

Frage von Holger Ruppert:
März 2006

Hello together.

I have a giant poster (DinA1 or so) that there were times when the extra magazines "cameraman" and 26 cut or compositing systems lists - unfortunately, the state is 10/2002. Systems to the Manufacturer Avid, Canopus, Discreet, Leitch, IMC, Macro System, Panasonic Broadcast are Sonyaufgeführt Pinnacle, Quantel and and compared in a table on different characters out (equipment, features, video, audio, format, sales data).
Everything in the price range of ¬ 2,000 (Avid Xpress DV) to 600,000 $ (Quantel EQ).

Maybe someone knows where I can find on the net, such a market overview for editing and compositing CURRENT?

The Google search in the direction of Market Overview + NLE nonlinear editing systems, unfortunately, only takes a similar outdated reports from DV editing and post production magazines.
In a search for several specific NLEs you somehow end up only on retailer sites and elsewhere.

I thank you before.


Maybe I should add that I DO NOT intend me an NLE system for $ 600,000 to buy (God forbid, because I'd rather buy a car or ten). I would only be happy once again running on the simple, yet about this because I will shortly take up an internship in an FX-production company.

Antwort von Gast:

On SYPHAonline.com You can enter a Manufacturer, Product, Video input, cost range, etc. into a search box or go only to "Search" - then all (222) will be listed products.

Antwort von Holger Ruppert:

Thank you very much. Is basically already the what I was looking, but in fact, not very compact (for extensive (but synonymous but extensive English)).

Well, I hope in time I would need durchzustudieren that, there is the one or the other link ...


Antwort von Holger Ruppert:

Incidentally s.Vorschlägen am still interested. Also s.Denkanstössen that I could just look (in the meantime have rummage synonymous according to English ideas, but what I imagine was not) there.

See you soon perhaps ...

Antwort von Holger Ruppert:

Thanks again, incidentally, the unnamed "guest" for this SYPHAonline Page. There are really all kinds of nonlinear editing systems listed - really VERY INFORMATIVE, the Page.
It is explained so synonymous: "The NLE Buyers Guide aims to include not only every existing product, that is, but those soon to be launched. It covers the whole range of nonlinear editing products, including turnkey systems, hardware platforms, and card and / or software packages, s.well s.disk recorders and servers Aimed s.post production. "

Only me so far remained untapped as follows: The NLEs are there divided into the relevant details in different (as is already synonymous above) categories - under "System Type" - namely:
1) Turnkey NLE
2) Stand-alone appliance
3) Video Hardware and Software NLE package
4) software only editing package
5) Video I / O hardware only
6) Video Disk Recorder
7) Multi-Channel Server for editing
8) Edit Controller
9) Host Platform

Therefore, some questions again:

3) is clear to me: Software including cutting / capture card / dongle (eg Media100, Canopus Edius)
4) synonymous clear: The same only without hardware accessories (such as Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas)
But with the score 1) and 2) and 5) to 9) I can only guess express or nothing, so I ask for correction or clarification.

1) Do not tint.
2) A complete calculator that is installed on the Avid for example only, and the synonymous is optimized in performance alone as Avid go?
5) Show the video plays in the calculator and rauswärts (In / Out), so only a capture card?
6) to 9) Unfortunately, no ideas are synonymous

Thank you again for answers and / or links.


Antwort von Markus:

"Ruppert Holger" wrote:
2) Stand-alone appliance

Here I would have something like Macro System Casablanca suspects, ie stand-alone systems that may not have much except the DV editing. Am I in the list, however, "stand-alone appliance 's.and click on" Find ", Casablanca is not listed ...

Antwort von Gast:

Macro System for all products (Casablanca AVIO, AVIO Casablanca DVD, Casablanca CLARO, Casablanca Prestige Casablanca Solitaire) is under "system type" Turnkey NLE and Stand-alone appliance.

Now times have looked at LEO. Turnkey, I understand, therefore, as a "ready-made system", ie no installation od other is necessary for the commissioning. Quasi switch and go. Macromedia brings its own operating system synonymous with, therefore, stand-alone appliance (or less) a "sole operating unit." To my knowledge, there has been synonymous not have access to the operating system, just as a gaming console.

Avid DS Nitris, however, is only listed as a turnkey NLE. Because it runs on Windows - so I would understand - but it is not a stand-alone appliance, since theoretically you can install additional software or s.System changes can be made.

* * * * *
Edit / Addendum:
According webopedia.com a turnkey system, "A computer system that has been customized for a particular application. The term derives from the idea that the end user can is just turn a key and the system is ready to go. Turnkey systems include all the hardware and software necessary for the particular application. They are usually developed by OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) who buy a computer from another company and then add / remove software and devices themselves. "

Stand-alone, however, the term is used in various fields of application in many diverse ways. But I think the above Comparison with a games console can exist in that context.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Now that I read this posting, reminds me of one thing:
In late 2005, there was a cameraman at some sowas synonymous. A large Sepcial on NLE editing systems. Even with comparative collection.

Antwort von Holger Ruppert:

@ Mark: Yes, the Casablanca systems are on the second page in the search results for "stand-alone appliance. I was surprised there but then this "turnkey" business.

@ Guest: That with turnkey and stand alone sounds to me seems obvious. Why I am now a little less surprising.

@ PowerMac: That was probably the latest version of the lie that I had at home. InsideWeb gibts die probably not - too bad.

Under 8), I had the "Edit Controllers" position. I've now been times where clever that is probably called in German "edit controller.
"The central remote control device s.einem linear editing suite, which players and recorders, and the cut marks needed to save as a timecode values. DieSchnittmarken can be stored in a cutting list and be prepared for corrections or Trim. ECUs cut itself allow any effects of image editing. Broadcast Consoles, mixers and image equipment for digital video effects will only be activated and then execute the prepared effect there. A simple edit controller is built into every recorder easily cut. " (BET.de)

Why so little drinsteht in a market survey of non linear editing NLE systems is not clear to me - but no preference.

Let's see what can find out is to the other terms still unresolved ...


Antwort von Gast:

This made me even now interested. Therefore, I have researched something, with the following results regarding Turnkey NLE and standalone NLE. (I presuppose incompleteness is no guarantee for the accuracy of the information and would like to take correction.)

Under a turnkey system we mean a ready integrated system that compiles the Manufacturer of numerous individual components of various websites and optimized for its in-house software and / or hardware out.

A stand-alone system, however, says in this context, an actual single compact device that aspires to the more or less independent of any other components to be placed in service to. While hard disks and drives are installed Manufacturers others, but the fact that the whole thing runs on an in-house operating system, is the ideal image to be independent quite close. It speaks as synonymous of a standalone DVD player, if one considers a compact single unit and wants to distinguish this of a software DVD player.
In addition - as Mark said earlier - is a standalone NLE editing only able to do videos while you can do on a turnkey system theoretically synonymous other tasks, namely all those that are accomplished as in Windows. This brings us back to my game console Comparison - Play PC.

Turnkey NLE:
A turnkey system is therefore always consists of a complete package with hardware, software and peripheral equipment (consisting of monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc., the "Calculator" even with motherboard, processor,
Graphics and sound card, firewire, hard disks, CD / DVD drives, etc.) including drivers and other software, and not least the actual interface software of the respective manufacturer. Everything installed and configured to switch on - you have only yourself
All these components are tested prior to compatibility, stability, and potential software conflicts to hard-od and optimized. This means in turn that the Manufacturer to properly operate the system as delivered guaranteed. But that probably makes for a major part of the already exorbitant Prices of these systems.

It is in such a case, more or less fixed on the delivered hardware. This is synonymous - besides the price - the great disadvantage compared to pure software NLEs, the preferred, but instead offer the opportunity to buy hardware and wish to configure. Although one can replace synonymous with a turnkey system at its own discretion hardware or software components, however, be forfeited by one hand (probably?) The warranty, the other is the full package of functionality and stability of the system no longer guaranteed by manufacturer.

Standalone NLE:
Stand-alone systems (such as Casablanca of Macro System) are different, purely optical of a PC, as generally understood. They are similar externally often more like a VCR, even though they synonymous in the interior of processor, motherboard, hard disks, drives, etc. have. Such a device is connected to the main s.einen Television od VGA monitor (both not normally included) in the package.

Include, but is the editing software and a specially-developed operating system from the Manufacturer. This special single-tasking operating systems are only designed to edit video - and audio material. Reduced to the essential focus and provide such enormous Manufacturer according to its stability and hardly cause crashes. Not least because they are exclusively in these stand-alone systems are used, they are synonymous, therefore immune to viruses, which naturally will be happy to advertise.

If you want to stay with my comparison above example, you might say:

[list] A standalone NLE is a game console + games XY.

A turnkey NLE is an XY-packaged Calculator + game, which is optimized for computer gaming with the Game XY.

A nonlinear editing software is then correspondingly alone the game X

Antwort von Holger Ruppert:

Wow, you've made so much trouble. Thank you for that.
This all sounds very plausible, now that I've finally buckled. A stand would seem to me still not into the house.
Then maybe I'll synonymous again the days to see what can find out is to rest it.

A good time synonymous to dranzuhängen a question with.
Since there is apparently no comparative table (searchable), just as I imagine, there on the net, I ask myself - and especially before you:
On what Page (Shipping od similar) because well, you can stay up to date regarding the latest versions of editing programs and current prices. I do not know if ebay and amazon are suitable for this as well. There would also be there anyway just software NLEs my knowledge.
Unfortunately I fall so no dispatch a page. And if I were randomly rauspicken me one, I would know whether or not synonymous again the price is representative.

So if there's anyone that could conjure from his bookmarks, I found great.


Antwort von wolfgang:

An overview can be found here (registration required):


Antwort von Holger Ruppert:

Thank you, Wolfgang. Just waiting on my password.

Had something still be appended to Item 6) Video Disk Recorder:
A Video Disk Recorder (VDR) is nothing other than a hard drive recorder. Learn more about this here:

Slowly the light comes into the dark world of NLEs ...

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