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Massive Qualtätsprobleme unter iMovie (7.1.4) mit Panasonic NV-GS230EG

Massive Qualtätsprobleme in iMovie (7.1.4) with Panasonic NV-GS230EG

Frage von OMeany:
Oktober 2008

Dear Community,

I'm stumped and need your help.

Since the fourth years, I have a Panasonic NV-GS230EG camcorder and an iMac 2.66 GHz (500 GB / 4 GB). Achieved so far with the quality of editing, I can not be satisfied.

I have in 16:9 format (widescreen function - not feature film!) And recorded (via FireWire 400, IEEE 1394) is imported into iMovie. Even in the event mediatheque is a quality loss - detailarm, washy, staircase effect, "jumping lines". This loss of quality runs through the Project and Export (wholesale, ie 960x540) up in iDVD and the output to a 16:9 Philips TV (CRT) on a Philips DVD player (DVDR 3460H).

"Miscellaneous" settings, I have not made - I simply respect of the preferences of iMovie and iDVD guided.

To control:

1. The original straight from the camcorder via AV cable (or even S-Video) to see s.TV worlds better - no comparison.

2. Even a 4:3 camcorder recording leads after import into iMovie for no other, better result.

What irritates me:

In addition to the iMovie Project synonymous, I have the "raw" clips imported into iMovie with the DVD (iDVD) burned. My subjective impression that these "raw" clips - synonymous in iMovie if I do not see right difference - s.TV significantly "closer" than the s.Original edited and exported iMovie Project. Cons One of the original remains.

I am frustrated - my brother has with its predecessor, and the camcorder Vorgänger-iMac/iMovie an incomparably better quality. He also just about the "default settings". I'm trying to SonyHi8 my old camcorder to dig again and now directly to my DVD recorder, quasi "on-the-fly", to cut ...

Please help me on the jumps and shows me that all this is just a (Alb) was a dream.

I want to thank and remain

Your OMeany.

Antwort von Axel:

The new iMovie is you can hear nothing good, mainly because of its limited functionality (previously there's still this silly effects) and the even more to ensure foolproof trimmed surface, but that it verhunzt quality recordings, would be to me. Since it is a quick-capture tool, which virtually everything is imported, which removes signal s.ein remember I have it already and then only when used, and both synonymous with HDV than with DV (D / A converter for capturing of VHS or TV tuner), without anything s.der quality suspend them.

You've done something wrong, this much is clear. There is no standard size for example of 960 x 540, and one should not be surprised if iDVD with nothing clever rauskommt. Your camcorder returns in the case of 720 x 576 widescreen anamorphic, it never will change somewhat synonymous, synonymous not on the DVD. If the material is on the way, your display looks like shit, this is completely normal: DV anamorphic with Skip, as it is not a favorable material to a progressive device with square pixels to be displayed cleanly. This irritated and annoyed many, but it should be according to the output on the TV, everything okay.

iMovie and iDVD are really not designed so that any user intervention independently. Capturing, cutting, s.nach iDVD, this is the workflow of this Goofy Programs (think Goofy is the light on in every puddle keyboard). If you want more creativity, you need to change FCE.

Antwort von Mac4ever1950:

"OMeany" wrote:
Dear Community,

I'm stumped and need your help.

Since the fourth years, I have a Panasonic NV-GS230EG camcorder and an iMac 2.66 GHz (500 GB / 4 GB). Achieved so far with the quality of editing, I can not be satisfied.

I have in 16:9 format (widescreen function - not feature film!) And recorded (via FireWire 400, IEEE 1394) is imported into iMovie.

You can not "export", rather:

Deploy -> Using Quicktime export, then the window under "Export" Flipmenü "With Quicktime export" option.

Then select the option: Compression: DVCPRO PAL (has the highest quality, without unnecessarily bloated files, good movement vseine representation, MPEG-4 jerky in the iMovie preferences), frame rate: current, quality is perfect, Scan: Progressive, formats 16 : 9,
Data Rate: auto.

Then go back on OK.

Sound so let filter as needed (usually none).

Size: own, 576 x 1024

With these settings, I have good experience (Camera JVC MG 255, the anamorphic DV to hard drive recording, but the absence of "Voltaic" license recorded via firewire).


Antwort von kunibert:

hallo omeany

durchgesucht have the forum to help for my problem to find. clearly you're next to me. I have the same camera as you (Pansonic NV-GS250EG) and quite a new macbook pro with i-movie. but I do not finish my movies is available. I must first download a software so that my mac recognize the camera? although I've switched to mac and s.meinen have connected appears in the finder, the camera is not under "Devices". if I in i-movie then the button "camera for the import" button, then only the i-sight camera.

can you please help me ...
Thank you

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