Infoseite // Massive artifacts in premiere pro 2.0

Frage von kuchenbob:


I have with gamecam 1.3 pc games and was actually shot before the premiere together and with editing. I can rohfilmchen (both. avi as synonymous. wmv) in all players (winamp, WMP, nero showtime, etc.) play wonderfully, if I film the premiere, however, import and look there (without somehow rendered to have), I get very nasty artifacts displayed. synonymous skip the movies from time to time and back. which irritates me somehow, because I can watch with other players, yes. someone has a tip for me as I have the movie premiere in correctly show can?

thank you =)


Antwort von neun5er_81:

Hello kuchenbob,

I am just the same problem with gamecam-avi's and sony vegas noted. That is indeed unbearably optical. Have you now found a solution?

LG Micha


Antwort von Markus:

Why give your video files with a player, because if it looks better?

If there is a video editing project should proceed, I must unfortunately fit. Höchstkomprimierte the final cut (usually s.Ende the processing chain) is not my specialty.


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