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Frage von Excellounge:


I'm interested in burning it as our Chancellor in her video podcast has made the intro. Here you can see just like in the video clip of the Rolling Stones "Like a Rolling Stone", 1995 of Michel Gondry, as in the statues is a matrix of similar effect is used. So what is to realize?

Link to video podcast:
Die Bundeskanzlerin

Link The Rolling Stones:
A Rolling Stone


Antwort von Phyro-Mane:

With Bullet Time has nothing to do. This is a completely different operation.
They are just pictures and clippings that were animated by keyframes.


Antwort von fragile:

Bullet Time you can eg synonymous with 50-100 (Digi) Cams produce, which are arranged according to the subsequent camera movement. Then you put your actors merely allows him to act and take s.and about All Cams SIMULTANEOUSLY a Picture. That is the movement that you can play in Bullet-Time ", just by all the digicam images hintereinanderlegst to obtain the Camfahrt ...

synonymous are other methods, I think the multi-cam arrangement they have used in The Matrix ...


Antwort von Axel:

The Buka just looks so 3d moderately from, because it is disguised as exempted two-dimensional template before changing a sharp background. A simple and effective trick. Also used in sports-picture advertising "A real fan never eat chicken, but swallow". Even such a silhouette target.
When the Rolling Stones are different warp and morph techniques (with a lattice distortion, which is digitally placed on the 2d-Picture and wrinkled "), but clearly synonymous to a matrix precursor. Perhaps made simple: Now is it all times are good, but it must be.


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