Infoseite // Mean data rate calculation (TMPEG)

Frage von Christian:

hello together,

ich mach grad nen workshop from the magazine "Chip" to TMPEGEnc.
The only thing I do not get to the series is to calculate average data rate ...
Have found two different formulas in both almost comes out the same, but the number is too big ...
In a test video I came up with an "Average bitrate" of 1,236,609th
Somehow too much when you consider that the max. Data rate of 9,000 (or 9800?) And the minimum is about 2000th Moreover, before me, the average bitrate set at 10,000 back if the value is above the maximum ...

I need the average bitrate for a video that 827.715 MB in size and is 3:43 min long.
I Can someone please figure out times? I get the point not easy, although I am not at the formula seemed so difficult.

From the 109 MB big test video he sent me ne way, not even made a lot of 5 MB file. The quality is terrible ... But otherwise have all the settings of the workshop noted :-( (Average bit rate I've got in the blue haze is set to 7000).

If anyone knows yet another program (or good standard settings for TMPGEnc), I'd be very happy if I can help someone!


PS: the starting material is AviDV


Antwort von chris:

What has your calculated average data rate for a unit? 1236609 alone does not say much!

If your video is only 3:43 minutes long does not mean you need to calculate data rate! Just take the highest and CBR! Done! This fits in one way or loose on a DVD.

Perhaps the formula gives you such a large data rate (depending on what kind of unit you have there!), It's because you're in a time of 3:43 just naturally have huge space on the DVD.



Antwort von GhostDog:

okay, then try the other settings I ma with CBR
The unit would be kbits / s. But if the other works has, it is not necessary that tale.



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