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Mediaencoder bei Premiere CS4 macht nichts

Media Encoder in Premiere CS4 does not

Frage von berndundvideo:
Dezember 2008

I have a Chadrechner with 4 total GBRam and good equipment. With CS3 everything went well.
But now I have Premiere CS4. After the cutting of the DV video editing in windows I want to export as a movie on the hard drive. Then comes a window and then export the media encoder. There is something I prefer in a queue. My file is in the special window. I do everything and give the order to work off the queue. But despite days of trying different settings and do nothing. Even Adobe is (was amazing) does not help. Someone knows the Council or you have trouble synonymous with the new encoder?
Greetings from Kassel, Bernd

Antwort von TomStg:

Hello Bernd,

I had the same problem. Caused by remnants of the CS3 installation, through the normal uninstall can not be removed. There are therefore problems with the link dynamics of the Media Encoder starts.

To solve guckst here:

Antwort von berndundvideo:

Uninstalling and reinstalling did, in this case nothing. It is a fundamental error of the Media Encoder. After cutting I go on "Export," media ", then comes a window with the File and a frame and of the nomination, then I say" OK "and it is properly the Media Encoder starts. Only: The Media Encoder can encode files only, I uncut by "add" in the queue hole. Dateinin The cut of the queue, he can not encode, because he, like every time he says, of the source file can not read.
That went for CS3 in the same way always smooth. Unfortunately, it is probably so that the buyer of the super expensive software only once for a few months of the test user is frustrated. Help Adobe: No, no mail support and phone keoine accessibility. Nevertheless, Merry Christmas s.alle. Perhaps klappr in 18 months with CS 5 again.

Antwort von Jörg:

clean the script did you used?

Antwort von berndundvideo:

I do not believe that there is something useful in my case, because the Media Encoder properly starts. And if I paste into the queue window the unedited file of the hard drive pull, it works. Only from the window cut to be exported file can not export it and says that the format he can not read or can not find the file.
Do you do that could still something with the previous version of CS3 to do?
Gruß, Bernd

Antwort von Jörg:

I do not believe that there is something useful in my case,

Faith is one thing ...
Just do what Tom has described, Eighth actually very close to the readme, and everything is good .... At all other synonymous geklappt.

Unfortunately, it is probably so that the buyer of the super expensive software only once for a few months of the test user is frustrated

The script was cleaning a few days after the discovery of the problem s.Markt, error is always annoying when it reacts so quickly it is advisable to critically examine such statements

Antwort von HansMaulwurf:

It is definitely s.CS3.

I uninstalled CS3 and CS4, and then just installed CS4 and now everything is fine.

But the parallel operation just seems to be only partially folded. In a creativecow has proposed that the Project will rauszurendern from After Effects. Works, but is not that nice ...

Antwort von berndundvideo:

I am grateful for the tips and will actually look at the entire software first and then remove the script, then install nue and then re-tested. Sometimes there is so synonymous miracle.
Thank you first.

Antwort von Jörg:

But the parallel operation just seems to be only partially folded.

the parallel operation of works wonderfully, just Cs3 may not be uninstalled. These residues remain in the AME of the old system, which then prevent the smooth application.

Antwort von berndundvideo:

Thank you. I had a complete version of CS3 with Adobe uninstall routine. But there were errors in fact and I could not do everything fortbekommen.
Now I want to CS4 and then remove with the tool rest s.den go. The only problem I now have the second attempt, and after the first demolition - it is 30 minutes did nothing at all - I have now the second attempt to run: "Software" Remove Programs ", remove Prmeiere CS4", "yes I will remove" - and now I have been back for 20 minutes the Adobe window, which the removal is being prepared. But more does not.
Unfortunately,,,, Lets see, I like the crap now wegkriegen ann ..?

Antwort von berndundvideo:

Adobe still shows only the window and "uninstall is being prepared." But I think that is synonymous not in order, because there is no progress bar and has been 40 minutes seems to have nothing to do.
What to do? Simply doe files with the Explorer Kicking? Is not recommended.
Let's see. Good night and wish you Merry Christmas Stefan Bernd

Antwort von berndundvideo:

Unfortunately, so far suggested the hours of attempts, Premiere CS4 install fails. It is only the Deinstallationsgenster - and that was it,
But Adobe is not unusual. Such rough Prorammfehler I am for many years gewohntvon Adobe. Reminds one hand, a little Microsoft - just a little worse!
Nevertheless Frhes Festival - I am a little sick due to set off Murkserei of Adobe!

Antwort von Jörg:

Review into the U.S. forum
s.Beitrag 21 gives it an approach that might help you.
maybe, this solves your probs ...

Antwort von berndundvideo:

Thanks for the tip with the Forum. That was very enlightening. Nice to see so many others have the same problem.
So I have - as described there - links between Adobe Premiere Pro and the Dynamic Link Manager manufactured and then restart Premiere. Then we were told that the Meniaencoder now needed to be reinstalled. I said: "OK" - and with the bar was waiting car installation. 5 minutes later, the attempt to cut the window, ie to cut video file to export. As it was stated that in my test version, not all codecs were installed, which must be replaced. I said "OK", and there was again an installation with auto bar waiting. 5 Monuten later, everything was ready and it stated: "Premiere Siemüssen now restart." I did. Then new attempt: And it's all the old! Premiere can not find the resource or not read from the disk!
BTW: I wanted the entire CS4 Production Premium Suite uninstall. But the Deinstallroutine on "software", etc. goes only up to the Adobe window, "Do you really want to ..." - And then does nothing more.
Now I do not know how I go the whole program can be to make it re-installierenb.
If I have a solution, will write ioch here. Thank you.

Antwort von Jörg:

and then does nothing more.

In this case, it's easy to install pre-created image back. Then one has in a few minutes a clean Calculator uninstalled the CS3 with the corresponding script writes a new image and then plays to the CS4.
Actually, quite simply and without any problem, my installations are all so, I had very, very rarely a problem with the uninstallation of programs.
On your calculator seems a lot to be confused .....

Antwort von berndundvideo:

That may be. But many have a problem with the malfunction of the Media Encoder. The tool from the Internet does not help next. I would then only with CS3 and CS4 to remove the uninstall routine. But both will not do.
I had previously CS3, then installed the trial version of CS4, and then bought it wanted after the conversion of test to the full CS4 uninstall the old CS3. Disabling went, but when uninstalling the program broke s.and there remained some üpbrig what I do not wegbekomme.
My last restore point is just do the uninstall CS3, which had broken off.
Now I have a defective Media Encoder - synonymous all experiments according to the instructions from the American forum failed) - and I can whole Adobekram synonymous not get more from your PC.
Probably all I do is after Christmas the entire hard drive to format and in long days working to rebuild everything. Or someone knows how to remove Adobe may, if it is "software" "Deinstallatioin at Adobe just stuck?
Greetings and thank you!

Antwort von TomStg:

In 95% of cases the problem is not in the software or the PC, but before the screen. Seems once again to be the case.

Put your PC from scratch, but true: ie, "format c:". Install to Windows then your full or upgrade version of CS4 - and you look over this great software with a more brilliant workflow. He is uniquely well-zzt!


Antwort von Kar.El.Gott:

I had a similar problem, which is synonymous to a not properly uninstalled version of CS3 was based.

I have at Adobe is called a "Service Number" and get a little later, I am of a very friendly gentlemen by removal using a script and have been followed by reinstallation.

The program is not exactly cheap, but the service is top at Adobe. The employees know the program and the problems synonymous.

Antwort von berndundvideo:

Thank you very much. Hopefully helps me notice the next. It amazes me the way, that Aobe a good service to have. So far, I have never received s.den wire, but always fairly long paid music heard or the fact that I will call later.
But after that I'll notice now more hopeful calls.
Merry Christmas to all users of Adobe (6 years, I was satisfied - and then came CS4).

Antwort von TomStg:

@ berndundvideo

You can save you the phone - and just the first answer to your problem description read. Here is exactly what you now as a workaround for the third time is proposed. You actually read the answers to help you be? And if so, you understand they synonymous? If yes, then your problem would be solved for a long time!


Antwort von berndundvideo:

Honestly, I have everything of course, very grateful and synonymous read this link at Adobe chosen. Since, however, a description, probably in German would be very complicated. But in English it is almost impossible for a beginning, to the success to come. I have now for several days repeatedly tried. I have tried everything to uninstall, reinstall, download the small files and (of Adobe) and to use: But the error remained. I suspect that I probably do not really have correctly applied. It is just so that I have with video - photo-editing and well familiar with the PC fairly and with very little English.
I'm sorry, I am just a bit on the slow thinkers.

Antwort von berndundvideo:

The encoder works again!
After seeing the previous proposals attempted unsuccessfully on several occasions, I tried again the Adobe support to reach. This is a fee, but can save time.
After a few minutes and the pressing of several decision points ( "Technical Support" ... and finally "other program"? Lands you in a Auskungftsmenschen of Adobe. After description of the problem, he knew not next. But then he read. S.PC probably -- after Stiochpunkten inHilfsanweisungen. wirgemeinsam Then went step by step.
1. The remaining version of CS3 and the synonymous program CS4 should have the usual uninstall routine removed. But that was so successful for me (as is often synonymous with others).
2. Download the tool "msicuu2.exe" of the Microsoft Web site. This must be installed before the Adobe tool to work properly.
3. Download Adobe tool WinsCS4cleanupscript ". This must then be entkompromiert. Then you have the folder "dist". They are mherere applications. I had all previously been unsuccessfully applied. The instructions had previously announced yet specifically what you actually should.
The Adobe husband told me then that I am now the "CS4InstallerDatabaseUtility" should open. I did. Then a black box. Since you have "e" for English input. Then "enter" button. Until then, I had already done everything before. But I was always just a window away. So, it was synonymous with the telephone support call.
4. New instructions: Right mouse button on the utility and then "Run As" button. It displays a window with the user. Since you can only try, while current users the checkmark for the protection away. It helped but I can not. Then you can try the checkmark at the bottom of "other user" to set there and "administrator" should be. Miss Lang with me.
Then mann
5. A new user account (via "system", "user". The course must be an administrator. Then man goes on the "Start" and the current user has the new interface for the re (z, B, test "or something .. Because you have to then open the Explrer and "wincs4cleanscript" search (probably "their files" of the previous user and then "Downloads." Then again "dist" and CS4InstallerDatabaseUtility open. Now, after entering e and enter a list with the individual still on the existing parts of PC Suite Adome CS 4 should be in several operations individually delete them. One must repeatedly confirm ( "y", etc., everything is described). and then the PC is actually clean. I have, however, Regytry in the files below and in the search I had found, nor weiteraufgeräumt.
6. Neuinstalltion the CS4 package.
For me however, was the 1st DVD every time in the middle. After several times it was (I suspect now that the DVD is not in order that I must complain to the seller), I used the downloaded file in November of Adobe (which I did as a trial version) and installed so new. I should have the serial number. It was to me to be wrong (Strange!). After installation, I called on Premiere. I should now re-enter a serial number. I gave the same again. Now, she was immediately accepted (surprised me).
Then during the next project of the Media Encoder automatically downloaded and installed and also after the next reboot the missing codecs, the Tesatversion were not included.
Now everything is running properly and the export of cut through the media Medfiaencoder run entirely smoothly. Well Please! (War of course a good half-hour support - not cheap - but it was worth it!
Good year 2009 and a lot of fun and success with the DV editing! Greetings from Kassel of Bernd!

Antwort von Onkel:

Maybe someone has an idea?

I had CS3 and CS4 will run for a while .... went smoothly.
For some reasons the Media Encoder, however, since recently, the service (I have not additionally installed / uninstalled, etc.).

So far, so bad. So, both suites uninstalled, clean scripts for both suites run eliminated all vestiges, CS4 reinstalled - problem remains. Media Encoder render everything that is not in Premiere was processed - from Premiere garnix goes out.

Again, uninstall, clean script again, again .... nothing is installed!

Adobe hotline call - you know the problem, although it has no solution (shame!) And logs in via the support forum as soon as something in his ... said, not done ..... I am waiting for reply - but unfortunately have My customers are not as much time as the guys at Adobe!

Since I still have some outstanding projects, I would be extremely grateful for immediate help!

Has anyone similar problems and found out how to solve?


the uncle

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