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Frage von Matioki:

Hello everyone!

I am plagued by the following problem: when playing an AVI file that I recorded with my digital camera, showing me the Windows Media Player is only a black picture. In Movie Maker, where I want to edit the files, the same trouble.
With Quicktime or Media Player Classic, the AVI can be displayed.

Ironically, the AVI will be after a reboot of the computer synonymous played correctly by the media player. When I exit the Media Player and then re-start it no longer works. 'm Confused! : (


Antwort von Fan29:

Look after you capture the video with Windows Media Player you've played and finished it in the task manager. If there is, see "Processes" are still the wmplayer.exe Eintag that the player was not properly terminated.
I have, as I have had this problem with Windows Media Player will work on the updated version 10, then again has it all.
Hope this helps you in any way next ... ;-)


Antwort von Matioki:

It's not lies, have been synonymous in the WMP version 10


Antwort von Larry:

Hello Matioki,

You have already found a solution.
For I have the same problem.



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