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Medienproduktion am MacBook Pro 17

Media Production s.MacBook Pro 17

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Oktober 2007

Test: Media Production s.MacBook Pro 17 of rob - 13 oct 2007 12:03:00
> How is reflected Apple's flagship laptop, MacBook Pro 17 "in the field of modern media production, especially in the context of professional video? For whom is worth the jump from static to mobile video editing setup? As a reference, we have an older G5 Quad 2.5 GHz system with-serve synonymous and thus the question: Can the current 17-inch MacBook Pro replacement value be?

Antwort von Dolomiti:

Very good, read good article! Slashcam great as ever. Another request: Could you find out more about the pro and cons of these new eSATA Connections to report? Especially when Umkopieren or moving of material could be a good alternative to be Firewire. It would be instructive to know how stable it is, whether it is possible zBsynonymous, several panels in a row should be coupled with Firewire as usual, or whether the data can be inadvertently experienced. Otherwise, I think the new Macbookpro mainly because of the electricity and heat for a good alternative to the big Mac, obviously a 1000 watt power supply and has been in office should draw 300 watts. Be it to me now well after the expected November-order update.

Antwort von rob:

Hello Dolomiti,

I would like to take a test with different SATA cards. It is worthwhile but only if you have the same synonymous different hardware raids can test. This one should be equally different synonymous AJA-IO-boxes for SD and HD s.Start have, you need to turn synonymous SDI video feeds of either of players or HD-CAMS - you can see, it quickly becomes quite complex. ..

But who knows, maybe there is someday a detailed workshop relating to mobile HD editing, the sponsor of a Manufacturer, where we have a whole week, nothing else, as the s.unterschiedlichen boxes herumzuschrauben (Hello Apple, please read; -) ... of me at any rate happy :-)

Next week there is, as I said, first render further testing on the MacBook Pro ...

Many greetings


Antwort von steffunk:

Super Comparison. The MacBook Pro is in fact very well as of Editiermaschine Video (Hab itself synonymous one).
Very exciting would be the solution of Sonnet eSATA in connection with the merger 500p, also of Sonnet as the Express Card port Multiplirt and so supports up to 10 hard disks in a RAID s.das MBP could be connected, representing a data throughput of 400 MB / s corresponds. So you can easily handle uncompressed HD.

Antwort von Klaas Byl:

very cool and interesting articles.
I go to time on his PC and a small Macbook, only to at least look at the matter reinzukommen MAC.
However, I think that I will soon synonymous completely convert to Apple, since adobe prem. prod. suite cs3 yes now synonymous again on both platforms and it is offered me yesterday on the Digi-average fair umgehaun has, how stable it is on a Mac seems to run or how many applications can run simultaneously ... it seems to use the Mac as his given memory better than any Windows PC. Furthermore, it seems to me Vista still much to be synonymous ... unfledged PNY was just a very interesting article about the AERO interface etc. pp ...
because someone has more detailed info to another Apple update? So when it will come about ...?
The price for the tested grade currently stands at around ¬ 3000 without software (Gravis), I see that right?
So I am totally excited about the second part.

Until then, test rich WE ...

Regards, Klaas -

Antwort von Steffunkq:

That is always very difficult to say. On http://buyersguide.macrumors.com you will see a recommendation as to whether the product will soon be renewed.
I think that the beginning of the year a product update is due, as some at this time of new Intel processors on the market.

Antwort von Dödel:

Effects in various forum posts now often read that the new user Final Cut Pro 6 on the Macmini to the (stable (!)) Got to run, whereas FinalCut Express does not support it (the message graphics card is not supported). Can anyone confirm? I would in any event immediately Macmini up, if that's true.

Antwort von PowerMac:

Both should run. The error can, at least for Final Cut Pro by Fummelei one minutes in the setup file off. Finalcutpro.de For once, I have a small written instructions.

Antwort von Dödel:

@ PowerMac

Sounds good, but I come with no keywords in finalcutpro.de next, seems to be a Board to be mega! Can you find an exact link to your contribution / post instructions?
Thank you,

Antwort von PowerMac:

http://www.finalcutprofi.de/phpboard/viewtopic.php?t=41505&highlight =

Antwort von hobbycut:

Do you term as "old look" not a bit exaggerated? 11 instead of 13 minutes is really not overwhelming and you do not really believe the marketing yelling the usual 4 CPU twice as fast as 2?

Your test is just the (not so new) fact that not even Apple Programs appr their hardware properly exploited.

Antwort von Klaas Byl:

will render it a test against a premiere windowspc based version?

gruß, klaas.

Antwort von rob:


@ Hobbycut:

Short answer: No, I do not exaggerated. :-)

OK, a bit more detail:

Sure you do not receive the computing power with four Quad-systems. The question is, what with the cost performance is achieved. Our Quad G5 is an extremely expensive water-cooled machine, a particularly powerful graphics card a hell of noise produced.

The Macbook is in spite of his 17-inch screen slim, even with relatively quiet fan and is in Power Render still the "hell machine" in the shade. It impressed. I am anyway.

Many greetings


Antwort von Klaas Byl:

the resolution of 1920x1200, however, there are s.einem corresponding output display connected s.DVI ... I see you right, right?
It is possible by means of a connected display at different resolutions to drive, if you wrote the table will expand?

gruß, Klaas.

Antwort von PowerMac:

No.. Optimally, it looks: You have built-in 17 "- display of the MacBook at 1920x1200 and external to hang a 30" - 2560x1600 display with it. Of course via DVI. Why should we not different Resolutions "drive" them?

Antwort von hans gans:

Could it synonymous times NEN Speed / Render Test mach of Final Cut Pro vs.. Premiere CS3 and Premiere CS3 vs. PC. Premiere CS3 Mac. I would be the burning interest in how the Premiere CS3 on the Mac in Comparison to Final Cut Pro proposes.

Antwort von Klaas Byl:

regarding my last comment, I expressed a bit cumbersome.
woltle I really wonder whether one configuration when macbook with weaker resolution display (1680x. ...) s.einem connected to a display of higher resolution. but it is my knowledge the same graka built, so does my wonder ...

gruß, Klaas.

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