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Mediengestalter in Bild und Ton-18 Jahre für Ausbildung

Media designer in Picture and Sound-18 years for training

Frage von UlmsSkyliner:
September 2007

in the summer, I have some plants to produce and edit films informed.
90 percent of them are even not enough.
At the regional channels, I have advertised, had already completed an internship, but I got a rejection, because I 18.Lebensjahr not yet finished and no 6 month traineeship had.
Hello?, I would simply like an apprenticeship as a media designer in Picture and Sound start and then you need to learn that you must be 18 years of training. For other channels such as Pro 7 is also the case.
I would, however, necessarily lead to the professional media designer in Picture and Sound "take, but as already described above, I am still too young for this.
What can I do?
Next to go to school (graduated from high school) or go to college?
Or there are companies where we can not be 18 years? (But I have called 60-70 establishments)
I am 15 years and will next year with the school to finish secondary school.

MfG Chris

Antwort von BananaDragon:

Tell you look at the Chamber of Commerce. They are surely you can help further.

Antwort von DWUA:

Hello UlmsSkyliner

You've certainly under a lot of "media training Gestalter"
2 vocational schools, one in Cologne, one in Saarbrücken.
Both "renowned" within the desired range.
Since graduates are "snake".

This means that you are there with the "Middle maturity" have no chance
and at least one specific Fachoberschule Append

The fact that you do not your company with 15 years of setting is correct.
And "lawful". (Even without a diploma).
Feel it is not "experienced".
If synonymous disillusionment at the moment.

Until then, you have enough time synonymous yourself through a lot
experienced internships reward.

It was, is and will be in this profession increasingly difficult enough
But if you pursue your commitment here, you can
certainly recognize credibility, which identifies you.

With enough energy, you'll "stay tuned", setbacks digest
find other ways.
First of all you concentrate on a good secondary school!


Antwort von PowerMac:

As a professional educator and trainer, I tell it to you hard and direct:

1) real conclusion is too bad
2) 15 is too young, formally and immature because you're
3) training places are rare. What will interest not sow. Nobody needs you the training center, which you would like. You have to be extremely good and fortunate to have this training opportunity to get.
4) You have just about no chance. There are applying with you 20, 25-year-old people with a good school, stays abroad and much more practical experience. In addition, the life of your experience, education and superior intelligence

-> Do your school and incidentally make films. Then you can try it again. The reality is training hard today. Treasures Under the theory is not. We live in a knowledge society, dealing with systematic knowledge and information is extremely important. No secondary school last longer.
If you're very hard, beating yourself alone and without training. Perhaps you are gifted.

Antwort von curtis:

If this is absolutely classic way to his desired destination, then it will be addressed as hard. Heavier than necessary. My experience: from the production houses to be trained with large security people made more capable and already have demonstrated or proven. A bright school-leavers without filme entrepreneurial school knowledge, I would not even go to Archive Sort adjust, unless I could anticipate potential.
As for the film industry concerned and always has excellent Viezhal the possibilities of how to be professionals here can go their way. And of the beginning. Some constants belong here but this: Motivation, ambition and use in comparison to the broad mass stands out .. Other Contacts.
I know a few people in the industry, the blank (without previous entrepreneurial filme) in the profession are gone. Very few actually. Those are very good money-making extremely ustechen either from the mass of competitors out or have very good contacts. When mediocrity no preference on which of the two areas, one is never much next may bring.

PowerMac overstated the whole I find something, finally, the film industry has always been less of the traditional laws of economics gone, particularly in relation to training and career entry. Letter and Seal's nice to be interested but no oxygen in the film industry. The bigger the company up to the broadcasters will increasingly "straightforward" and nichtsagende pieces of paper like a school will be happy or seen as a ticket is required.

My advice:
- You're still very young. Praktiukum internship placement and everything what goes along. Eventually, you'll remember exactly what you want to do and in what area you want to land. Everything else is your Ehrgiz then decide if you yourself on what the legs are synonymous later want your talent to deal with people.

Antwort von PowerMac:

This is not really exaggerated, because he wants an education. Something else is synonymous not possible, because of youth and employment protection laws is not a company a 15-year-old so even longer internships are problematic. An education is almost the only possible and in turn, difficult to access because of the age and the school. Also for the film industry apply laws, and certainly when it comes to training in the dual system.
That with the "other ways" and possibilities of the film industry is just restricted to teenagers. Especially as the mentally difficult to be able to. But you are right, of course: over 20, making good movies, maybe a degree - why not? Such people can be synonymous with no formal education certificates set. And quite an education show how qualified you are or how much elementary school does not! A Uniabsolvent is 99% in almost every respect better to use than a primary pupil. Also in the film and TV industry. And what do I do this? True, s.der education certificates and biography. Nevertheless, skills approach and strong anywhere and go in the direction of science orientation. So creative and unique, the industry has never, as it sometimes is stylized. The special was and is that many purely want. This increases the competition and the importance s.formaler education.

Antwort von Markus:

"UlmsSkyliner" wrote:
... but I got a rejection, since the 18.Lebensjahr I still have not finished ...

A similar problem I had - but from the perspective of the person - sometimes with an interested for a similar internship collaboration. We are both daily-and especially on the long nights on productions.

And since I not a young person after its maximum permitted operating time can go home, do I need to take those interested unfortunately differed. The Youth Protection Act is not an adequate exceptions.

Other hand, I find the specifications but okay, because 22-hour days like this and possibly another three in a row at 130 dB ambient noise (I had just finished) can be very stressful. ;-)

Antwort von Basti16:

"Mark" wrote:
because 22-hour days like this and possibly another three in a row at 130 dB ambient noise (I had just finished) can be very stressful. ;-)

Sorry, slightly OT: How 22 h? Do you have the remaining 4 gepennt? ;)

Antwort von Login_vergessen:

"Basti16" wrote:

Sorry, slightly OT: How 22 h? Do you have the remaining 4 gepennt? ;)

On what planet you live that your day has 26 hours?

Antwort von Darth Twoface:

Hello Chris,

You can this evening alongside school and also
Your goals that you have.

Antwort von Basti16:

"Login_vergessen" wrote:

On what planet you live that your day has 26 hours?

Can it ever happen that you longer than 24 hours awake / what does not it? That is what I meant. Otherwise I come from the planet Earth, diversion: overtired people sometimes;)

Many greetings

Antwort von BananaDragon:

And if you're awake 300 hours one days has still only 24 hours, right? ;)

Antwort von Darth Twoface:

well, the day has 24 hours and again the night 8th .. ;-)

Antwort von Basti16:

Banana Dragon wrote:
And if you're awake 300 hours one days has still only 24 hours, right? ;)

The day has 24 hours of course, that I would like to discuss not synonymous, synonymous would be a bit pointless, is not it? It was in this case, a working of more than 24 h, although in general usage, the question of a so-called "working" is. The time was at such a "working" relation.

Antwort von Darth Twoface:

Yes it is OK;) No stress. Have already understood what you mean.

When one says "That was s long day today," says one non-synonymous so that the day really was longer than normal. :)

Antwort von DWUA:

@ UlmsSkyliner,



Link universal, revealing further leads for the first;
is possibly a depriving your explicit questions.


Antwort von DWUA:

If you're still there:

Mache Dich mal familiar with this simple example:


Antwort von b.wildcat:

see here:


Antwort von Markus:

"Basti16" wrote:
Sorry, slightly OT: How 22 h? Do you have the remaining 4 gepennt? ;)

The "Night" was in fact only 2 hours per short, usually sometime between 4 and 7 clock. As long as there are only a few days in a row, you can make the times. At least s.zweiten day, I got used and was in spite of the few sleep fit again.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Mark" wrote:
The "Night" was in fact only 2 hours per shortly ...

Full two hours of sleep s.einem of production? A dream! ;-))

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Lena:

the day / night / hour discussion aside ...

There are synonymous nor the possibility s.einer Privatschule Media Designer Picture and Sound to learn ...
The take part synonymous slightly younger and people with "non-school", you'll use it in the profession is certainly a bit difficult, and the training is partly synonymous not soo good quality, but then you have something on a paper and you did some "work experience" (so it is probably because something reinmogeln)
-But you just have to pay a bunch of ...
And to the n bit relative, there must be synonymous fairly good schools, so always inform the former!
An otherwise one can s.manchen private schools or cut synonymous Camera Learning - building, you can easily get an education.
And a school is synonymous not everything!

Finally, my general experience with the industry:

A bunch of friendly people, but a tough job ...
You have to invest much time and get less money. You have to be extreme and you flexiebel almost everything themselves.
Your experience is almost everything and you need to know how well you sell.
Thus, it is already very good that you make smart here.
And one more small tip: Always stay hartneckig!
So, addresses and contact person and storing all again next year durchrufen, show your progress ...
lg and good luck!

Antwort von webrider:

Your conclusion is only a 3 / 4 year before that because you can indeed think again, perhaps next to. Strictly thee to go to a gymnasium and do your graduation. After that, you open all the way: You can study ... I make the way straight through.

But if you like, we can realize a project times and then at a Competition send. That makes her a lot, if you can demonstrate that you have a film in competition have won.

PS: Wohne synonymous in Ulm

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