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Frage von Andi1972:

Hello everybody,

Having me here a year ago helped was always good, as we with our movie adventure started, I thought that I have a small rotation of our report "extreme experience" medieval movie here stelle. For Beginners may be quite interesting for professionals perhaps smile.

in any case a lot of fun.

Our goal was a Templergraben film. We have a castle in southern France and rented about 10 months preparation. We are all amateurs who are extra courses in the framework of regular meetings and workshops on the project have prepared. Fortunately, we had the help of in between a couple of film graduates, but unfortunately not with the actual filming could proceed.

If you are interested in more details will find them on our website under production diary.

Otherwise, here and my impressions.

We could roost along the surrounding lands, unfortunately only for 14 days service. In this respect we had for a 90 minute feature film with a great deal of stress is expected. However there are 2 equally true movie wisdom.

1. It is always under time pressure
2. One is never 100% satisfied and always thinking that I could immediately synonymous better. The time pressure is just not allowed.

Long story short, we have in advance craftsmen crew to France, which took us to a pension trust of our medieval furniture, a car and a hot tub built. A week later came the rest of us (about 30 in a bus) approached.

The framework conditions: 30-35 degrees on average, 1.5 for all participants toilets, 2 showers for all participants at the castle and a village. Very interesting.

We have with 2 Canon XH A1 rotated and had a lot s.Tonequipment and lighting equipment here.

On average, at least I have about 16-18 hours worked (Directing, Camera and Picture s.and s.durchs I had to run synonymous yet)
By standing up and marching up to the castle, discuss briefly ankucken material, etc. this meant an average of 4 hours sleep. Amazing how long you stand.

We were warned in advance that s.Filmset a very harsh sound set, which was the case synonymous. However, you camp under a Koller's simply not so seriously and personally, then does that already.

Through the heat and covered the dimmer (because surrender) and the current fluctuations of the generator, we had an extreme wear s.Birnen, transformers and dimmers. The Dedolight are dimmer and transformers (admittedly not the serial parts) broke down and for all other hats lamps in series, the pears out fired. So we were 1 day before departure without the popular 800 Watt spotlight since.

We have about 25-30 hours of film s.Ende get what a 90 minutes of film is not very much. The pressure of time but not really read much more.

By the light you can usually only with a film camera, which costs a lot of time but at least for the fighting was the second camera worth its weight in gold.

In the village around sausende mopeds, test flying Mirage jets and the hum of the generator can really kill the most beautiful recordings.

One day we had about 40 people and s.Set (of which about 10 French) that we had hired on the spot and 6 horses. A heath fun to coordinate them all. My solution is a tower and a megaphone very helpful.

Fortunately, we had the horses with a lot less problems like suspected synonymous and the rats that we were having handzahm and were easier to film, like so many people.

The struggles that we possible without cutting many wanted to bring together, were of course a special challenge. The ground was rocky, dust-dry and clean hard. But with gambeson shirt and chain were already reasonably. None of the non-bled has somewhere and not somewhere None of the giants had bruises, but that was ok. After all, nothing happens. (Well, one is flying down the stairs, which was not so great, but still no sword gabs-injured and severely injured. My experience is that any long before rehearsed choreography really is worth its weight in gold. Gestochen straight into the narrow castle


Antwort von Axel:

It is formally slay all of the information. I prefer to wait until you have a trailer online, because such can say more than 1000 words (or even more). Best wishes for success.


Antwort von Ficeduld:

Exactly, her trailer!
Man, what kind of idealism that I can really only feel 35 ° C, hardly any showers, no sleep ...........
Have fun editing!
lg F.


Antwort von Andi1972:

We are unfortunately still in the download.
The trailer takes a bissel - because yes, we need music to be synonymous. Read the good pieces must first be friendly to the composer.
So says the basic plan - Trailer Christmas, so film premiere in May ..
Show times ma ma whether the pack. :-)
I will of course be known here as soon as there ....

Happy day



Antwort von meister hubert:

* meld * for a friendly composer =)


Antwort von Pete21:

You have my respect! Ich würd synonymous with happy times such a project work - someday I will synonymous: D Do viiieeel still learn. But my time will come: D


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