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Quad Core Medion PC - ist das ein akzeptables Arbeitsgerät ?

Medion Quad Core PC - is this an acceptable working device?

Frage von Tschisma:
März 2008

Morning Com

very euch bitte mal but this PC! I, for my 699.00 ¬ iss das doch echt mal or a bargain? Would you work for me to recommend? (2.t PC as if then)


Thank you very much

¬: working with PS CS2, AE and Premiere and partly with MAX!


Antwort von wolfgang:

I think the offer is not so bad - for the price is quite ok.

Only I would think that the DV editing maybe back to XP to go - and the license to buy extra well, I suppose?

Antwort von geid0r:

With this offer you can not grumble!

In any case, XP, as already mentioned, Wolfgang!


Antwort von Daigoro:

So whether a bargain, or a Ladenhueter, may be illustrated by the prospectus difficult to say.

The processor is naturally good.
Whether the Board on which he sits, what good is another question ne. As is often misplaced s.der saved.
The memory is running at only 667 MHz - there's synonymous 1066er, Syncron then to the processor clock is running.
The Hard Drive - 8MB Cache sounds Discontinued / Cheap Model - the current fleet have 16th

Ermm .. before it is misunderstood. Does not mean everything, the box is slow or bad.
But 'best together' is not necessarily synonymous.
If I have several hundred euros spent, I do not look at 50 more or less, but provide the 'sense' together - among the most 'pre-assembled' it looks different.

Antwort von Wolfgang (nicht eingelogt:

The Medion PCs in the past were not bad. Straight s.Board around with a few free slots reduced, small friendly little expansion enclosure yes - but still ok.

And of course this is not specifically geared to the own request of the client PC - because it is twice to three times the expected, then synonymous gibts sowas.

Antwort von Daigoro:

"Wolfgang (not logged" wrote:

And of course this is not specifically geared to the own request of the client PC - because it is twice to three times the expected, then synonymous gibts sowas.

Without software you can view with the similar equipment even 50 euros cheaper themselves together. :)
(and even if I was not the price values the Internet mailers, but at the shop, which I did around the corner which together provide, without isses software for only about 10 euros more expensive - with brand board, memory and hard drive)

What the vorkunfigurierten attractive, is the best software 'in the value of' several hundred Euros lies. If you already have the software, this is not added.

Antwort von Tom Keller Schweiz:

Good evening!

Thank you for your opinions, I will now dagegenentschieden and advised me how even a PC put together!

Lg Tschisma

Antwort von geid0r:

Well then have fun with your search!

The market is so crowded that you're garnichtmehr knows what you should take.


Antwort von darg:

If one takes the box as it is and thus can live the price is OK, because the operating system with Pros Bloatware inside. However, since the Q6600 good übertaktbar are probably the most you can for the Aldi Board forgotten. The Graphic is OK if on a map (especially 256MB is not so great) I would be careful synonymous with the overclocking, even if it should go, because usually suck in the cooler things.
With the memory, he will be in HD Video Editing somewhat slow, it should be at least 800 or better 1066 take.
The plate is outdated, 8MB to 16MB disks are stripped down with an error on the controller board is present and therefore have been cut in half (if it is a Seagate / Maxtor plate).


Axel, San Jose

Antwort von NikWin:

I wrote a $ 500 PC with Dual Core, M2N mainboard and 86er GT and
I edit videos like a champion XD (3D and so)

Antwort von Flati:

... and forget the comments of the 2 XP disciples up next! ;-)
Vista runs absolutely stable and synonymous here in the forum has been proven time and again: Even faster!

Antwort von immanuelkant:

for me vista synonymous makes absolutely no problems with the video!

Antwort von antje:

"Flati" wrote:
... and forget the comments of the 2 XP disciples up next! ;-)
Vista runs absolutely stable and synonymous here in the forum has been proven time and again: Even faster!

That's true in the general public - there is still some editing programs, which simply has not run with Vista.

Antwort von Tschisma:

Sodala, nochmnal thank you for all your answers:

I got me a system put together:


Take now as OS Win Prof 32 Bit
The Arbeitsspeciher I wanted to ask whether it is worthwhile to upgrade to 3GB so that I can use?
The small HD, I would like to use as OS disk :-)

I work mostly with AE eigtl., so nothing special with 3D, rather only s.and, since only comes more in the future I think! So quad rather pointless ...?

How you can find it? Good, Very Good, or start again:-D

thanks in advance

¬: Link funzt not, so here the list:

NVIDIA PCIe graphics cards
Asus EN8800GT/HTDP (Art.-No.: JAXVL1)
EN8800GT/HTDP (NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT)

CPU Socket 775 Core 2 Duo
Intel ® Core 2 Duo E6750 (Art.-No.: HPHI35)
Core 2 Duo E6750 (2x 2666 MHz)

Power supplies to 600 watts
Chieftec CFT-500A (Art.-No.: TN5C40)
CFT-500A (500 watts)

Midi Tower Case
Cooler Master Centurion 5 (CODE: TQXM12)
Centurion 5 (5 x 5.25 "external)

IDE DVD Burners
AOpen DSW2012P (Art.-No.: CEAB18)
DSW2012P (20 / 8 / 8 times)

Socket 775 Motherboards
Asus P5K (Art.-No.: GPEA80)
P5K (Intel P35)

3,5 inch SATA hard disks
Western Digital WD5000AAKS (Art.-No.: A9BW31)
WD5000AAKS (500 GB)

3,5 inch SATA hard disks
ExcelStor Excelstor J8080S (Ref: A7BC03)
Excelstor J8080S (80 GB)

Memory DDR2-800
Corsair DIMM 2 GB DDR2-800 Kit (Item: IBIE5A)
DIMM 2 GB DDR2-800 Kit (2048 MB)

Antwort von bj-the-oj:

Look at times the new Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 on (to be published in about 14 days)

Antwort von Daigoro:


Antwort von Flosse84:

Times simply read the comments on your link (about 200), because you lot should be clear also in the commentary is missing the light of the new Quadserie.

Antwort von Daigoro:

"Anonymous" wrote:
Times simply read the comments on your link (about 200), because you lot should be clear

What I have long been clear: the Heise Forum can be found in the garbage can join. : D

"Anonymous" wrote:
also missing in the commentary to take into account the new Quadserie.

Is synonymous for the here and now rather uninteresting computer Buy. With the new dual cores, there's already easy to supply difficulties, the new quads can officially still waiting and if they are even there, they are priced more on the Early Adapters / Performance User prerogatives.
At the moment (or the next 2-3 months) rather isses ne issue between (cheap) old 65nm dual cores, 65nm quad and the new Dual Cores (if you get somewhere).

In the real application, the then synonymous not so terribly much:
(see video coding benchmarks - which are only limited synthetic interesting)

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