Infoseite // Mercury playback engine hack does not work

Frage von FilmerMike:

Hello everybody,

I'm now on my PC with a Nvidia GeForce GT bought 240th
The basic idea was to use this graphics card for its support of Mercury playback engines. Using a small "hack" works indeed.

Ie I have the list of premiere the text document "cuda_supported_cards.txt" hergenommen and my graphics card to write "GeForce GT 240". I am the "Manage 3D Settings - application settings in the Nvidia Control Panel.
Here is my first problem, it is listed Premiere CS4 CS5 instead. CS4 is installed, but not at all and if I have the. Exe of CS5 select them, it is listed as synonymous CS4. I've thought that it is just normal and then I had to "Multi display / mixed GPU acceleration" and placed it in "compatibility mode for".

Now it was supposed to be normally selected in the project settings to activate the Mercury's Back GPU acceleration. If it is not. When I click on the GPUSniffer.exe get the following message:


Antwort von RickyMartini:

Make your changes in the NVIDIA Control Panel reversed! CS5 is there so far are generally recognized as CS4, which has no influence on the performance!
Then it should work with the GT240. :)


Antwort von FilmerMike:

Okay, but here's a message that no playback device was found. I shall see if my player is installed properly and whether the drivers are current. should Well, I'm going to the Drivers manual download ... think the work.



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