Infoseite // Merging of 2 MPEG files with Virtual Dub

Frage von Tuvok:

MPEG import filter: invalid pack s.position: marker bit not set; possibly MPEG-2 stream.

I can not join the files, how does it work?


Antwort von Stefan:

The objective is not join MPEG is all about. VD can only save AVI videos. Other format only go across exotic filter, which is Black Voodoo ...

If it is indeed MPEG2s that goes, perhaps joining with VirtualDub-MPEG2 (!!!) of Fcchandler.

I appreciate the chance that it will work a very small, because the original VD can only join AVI ...

Another route would go through Avisynth. There frameserving with DirectShow source to capture and VD. 100% sure I'm not.

Why do not you take what is known as TMPGEnc?

Good luck
The fat Stefan


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