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Frage von Fubix:

I'm thinking about for some time how I can improve the sound for my videos. (The videos are a professional online news portal.)
So far, the contributions with a Sennheiser EW100-G2 wireless microphone and a SonyVX2100 eingesprochen without speaker cab, but quite simply, under the "speaker cloth". ;)
The result is obviously suboptimal, but the budget just not enough right now for a speaker cab.
Now I was wondering, if not household with a studio microphone, possibly with shockmount, pop filter and reflection filters.

Sure, a regular condenser microphone with preamplifier and mixer would be better than a USB microphone with built-in preamp, but stop synonymous expensive.

Basically, I'm not sure if this really an improvement to the current solution is with the wireless mic? (As I said, under the premise that there is currently no budget for a speaker cab.)

Otherwise, there is a Sennheiser MD46, but that may lack synonymous provides XLR connector s.der VX2100 is not a particularly good result, at least no better than the radio mike. In the near future then perhaps even a new camera to be purchased, then certainly with XLR connector.

But what do you think the currently most sensible acquisition is to improve the sound, with a limited budget?
Many thanks for your help you in advance.


Antwort von carstenkurz:

Whether you need a better micro or a better speaker cab, we can not judge for lack of comparative material. Acoustic improvements can be achieved but synonymous for very little money - if you are able to hear the drawbacks of the previous solution and synonymous with pragmatic, but unimpressive optical solutions can live synonymous, mobile acoustic partitions, carpet, etc.

In principle, both microphones surely deliver useful results. But there are just both very dynamic microphones, which would be rather for outdoor use. A little more sound insulation and an entry-capacitor with a simple mixer (Behringer quiet) or microphone would be my suggestion.

- Carsten


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