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Frage von maho:

I got the Canon MV-900 taken in the eye. The Cam has no internal mic, but "only" an input. Direct from Canon, I found no mic. Can you recommend me a mic for this Cam?
How this will be fixed?

Or is it better / clever to buy the more expensive 930 to?


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"maho" wrote: The Cam has no internal mic

In these days of rampant greed, lust nothing surprises me so soon, but that Canon itself such Billigkamera quite let go without a microphone to the customer, I can not imagine. As the MV900 for then should be able to record their own drive noise? ;-)
The microphone input is not so and so is a blessing, because with an external microphone you always get better sound - that even without the drive time noise. It must be remembered, however, that you sound s.dieser Camera either manual or levels you can hear on headphones. On the other hand one may expect in this price range synonymous miracles ...

Gruß Bernd E.


Antwort von oliver II:

"maho" wrote: The Cam has no internal mic, but "only" an input.

Sure it has a built-in microphone!

"maho" wrote: Or is it better / clever to buy the more expensive 930 to?

Only if you take pictures (with mediocre quality) like. However, the 930 has no microphone input. And I would not miss.


Antwort von maho:

ok, I thought if a cheaper model has a Mic-in, and not the more expensive, the better will have no built mic.


Antwort von Tek Guy:

Apologies if I get this post again from oblivion. I did the same with Cam has an advanced problem: Is the Microphone input, classic mono or a stereo jack? We have in our productions, often 2 and moderators move, grasp it with Ansteckmirkos down, by a mixer. The result from the mixer (both micro-wires turned on) is to use your jack into the action. Do I get there at all stereo included, or do I have to dub it? thx for any answers!


Antwort von Jan:

The Canon MV 900 has an external stereo microphone.
The built-in stereo is obviously synonymous.

Whether it be in effect, Stereo & Mono is intended to set Microphone.



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