Infoseite // Microphone for roller coaster Co Pilot

Frage von toxitobi:

Now we 'll hard * grin *

I would in a roller coaster ride the screams of a person's record without as much wind noise and good quality. I have available NEN Zoom h4n1. I would most like to borrow Sun NEN small Lavalier but what characteristics should have?

Nen windshield is probably sowiso clear but must be pretty good suggestions?

The zoom is to go with then I can at least give up radio.
And then I'm still NEN rental in the whole of NRW by mail or pick up awards.

Did you capture still ne better idea about the sound?

Lg Toxitobi


Antwort von Rizzi:


if you want the micro to the person infected must not synonymous, then reaches a kidney. Want the cries of others and the track sounds better on it have more of a ball.

Question: Could you put on the person's H4n not easy (as so a visitor pass). For the H4n there are synonymous such a skin for the windshield.



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