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Frage von florian_link:

Hi All,

I myself busy lately with camcorders. But now I'm invested in the Sound and ask myself how can I record the s.besten.

What I have before:
I am planning a sort of video podcast, which is mainly taken up inside. However, I will probably synonymous with the camera on the ground somewhere. I do not want high-end sound, but simply something that works well.

For indoors I have (a lapel microphone, and no XLR connector, but just a little ordinary, white grad not have bought the exact name), I (s.meinen camcorder, if I had then would put it).
For outdoors, I would then use a reporter microphone or the like, but most include XLR connectors. The camcorder does not, however, so I needed an adapter.
Just as I sometimes read here, I have understood it then, but incidents that might occur or so.

Now my question: Is it better to the sound from the camcorder to be incorporated or otherwise?



Antwort von B.DeKid:

Sure you can use jack synonymous is better than nothing

In addition, extra nen MD Walkman Recorder perhaps the last.

B. DeKid


Antwort von domain:

For connections via microphone jack is recommended especially indoors, to control exactly the sound of silence with a good headset. Unfortunately it happens all too easily that by the many electric lines in spaces, a 50 Hz humming noise is induced.
That can not happen when using XLR connectors, because the noise is eliminated via symmetrical inputs and only the useful signal remains.


Antwort von TiMovie:

There are as of Beachtek xlr adapters you can buy cheap used - this module will be bolted on your cam and cam with 3.5 s.deine jack is connected - it has volume 2 xlr connections and controller!
Most microphones have an xlr output - but for the input you synonymous can use a standard 3.5 jack! the non + ultra semis for example, would save a little money and example of the radio system sennheiser ew 100 g2 / 3 because you had to buy what you are buying a very long time vernümpftiges in your hand - and this module could be!

For MD recordings you must always remember that you need to edit the sound synonymous synchronously again - I would record directly on the cam!


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