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Frage von nicecam:


in the coming days we go to Africa. From there I will get good footage with home, but with only the barest necessities should be taken.

So is my XH-A1 (; to which I have good sound, see below) here, but the HV-20 comes with.

Currently running to my next questions, I believe synonymous similar threads, but lack of time and due to tiredness, I am not in a position there to look for solutions to my questions. Please look up to me.

So - for the sound:
I want to capture with the HV-20 is synonymous as well.
To this end I have a RODE Stereo VideoMic and so forth from the connector no problem.

Also, I'm here at home a Lavaliermikro Sennheiser MKE2 PC.
In addition, a Sennheiser ME66 with K6 power adapter.

I have 2 adapter cable XLR to mini-jack. One called unbalanced with mono, the other stereo unbalanced. I used both my ME66 and may have been acquired to get prepared.

I really couch with my assumption that I am not the s.meine Lapel Sennheiser PC MKE2 absence of supply voltage HV can connect 20?

Can I connect more than one of these adapter cable my ME66? I suppose there are so-called "dumb" adapter.

There remains the difficulty, it set up the camera. As I said, I travel only with "small" luggage. Fishing and Tripods iss nich ...

Unfortunately, I no longer have the ability to obtain components that would be required if the above connection examples are not so easily possible.

Then it would have to send my Rode SVM.

Would be happy if I could help as anyone else.

Gruß Johannes


Antwort von tommyb:

In short:
You can (any dynamic microphone, those that do not need to join Batteries).

Non-dynamic (; capacitor, such that Phantomspeißung need) will not work unless you dwells a Speißungsmodul between them or the Micro can operate synonymous with Batteries.

Since the ME66 is a directional microphone, it should be synonymous coupled to sit on any case of the camera - otherwise handle any of the action s.Gehäuse sounds are transmitted directly to the micro.

Furthermore, I must mention s.Rande might, however, directional microphones down s.einer Camera make absolutely no sense, because (just create a bad sound, as when one swings). In addition, we shall be happy to stop by synonymous s.Geräuschequellen when his picture as homogeneous as possible (; keyword golden section) set up.

A Microphone with more "angles" is there better to miles - about how your RODE.


Antwort von nicecam:

Hello TommyB,

how sensitive the ME66, I've seen in use on the XH-A1 already. In quiet passages, and without the spider - Huih it tickles right in the ears.

But the XH-A1 comes this time not even in question.

We then follow a social project in Africa, and I heard (and I am the first time) in mind that the people there at times - and entirely understandable reaction - sensitive to the cameras.
Therefore, only the small solution.

It will probably be the Rode SVM, and which, in conjunction with the AGM-20 is already arousing any attention, especially since I on the Camera and the Micro sowas
Gruß Johannes


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