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Frage von Maddin1204:


'm new and inexperienced. Probs I tried using the search function to solve, unfortunately without success.

So, I have a MV530i with Helmcam.

Unfortunately it is not me by the tape on the calculator without significant loss of quality to play. (Mach I with Firewire and deluxe Magix Movie 2007)

've read that streaks and ridges normally would and with the TV Pal hangs together. But when I look at the video files, then burn it s.TV as bad as s.Monitor. (TV RöhrenTV normal)

Now my questions:

1. How are you doing this?
2. What should I do to curb the loss of quality?
3. Which format do you think?
4. Can I ever achieve a good quality without expensive accessories?
5. What else you tips as mind.

I thank in advance in advance ...



Antwort von voge42:

The video is via Firewire as a DV Avi transferred. The quality is equivalent to the original. Try it out with the Movie Maker, the synonymous may be capturing


Antwort von Markus:

See here:
FireWire FAQ">Camcorder / recorder s.PC connect, capture and edit images


Antwort von Maddin1204:

Thank you very much. Was really just ne thing attitude. Now I just need a plethora s.Space:)

Good instructions in the rest ...


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