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Frage von Chrisk7:


I bought the Canon HG-20 camcorder to record their own concerts (that of the front cam is on tripod). I could see the following:

1. The camera does not have a red light. So I can not see ahead of whether the camera is in recording status.

2. The remote control of front and only works if the display is folded forward. This is unsatisfactory.

3. The display can not be switched off (only Hereinklappen, but then the remote control no longer works).

4. Clips can be combined intersect black, but not.

What solutions do you have? Did I miss something?

With regards


Antwort von RickyMartini:

Ad 2 and 3:
Since the camcorder has no viewfinder, the display will have to use - so can not be performed Recording and handling, if the display is folded.

On 4 -
With suitable editing software is not a problem (PPro CS4, Edius NEO1/2/5.1, etc.).


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