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Mobile Sound Recording - Hardware Tips gesucht

Mobile Sound Recording - Hardware Tips sought

Frage von chrisgau:
November 2005

Hi All,

what's me, here goes:

1) I want for my DV videos to record comments, which are admixed to the soundtrack. Although I try my self to make movies, but sometimes go's wait, not really used sparingly without a comment.

2) I want to create DVD with comments of several parties and then as the alternate audio tracks mastered to fit my DV video to DVD. The whole family (with children) so tell them so at ease that everything the Holiday Film mind. Can be quite funny and so is the Großerltern's OK.

3) I often find that the original sound is botched. Often, some people talk about it, planes circling above one, the dog barks, etc. Do you mean unmotivated: s.liebsten I would have a pure, clear, undisturbed and perfect sound, which replaces the original botched soundtrack. Okay ... Dialogue at the going gets tough - ADR I have not had before had. Recently on vacation I had forgotten to switch on the microphone as could not scan my dog, as he s.Rand beautifully tolpaschig playing around a river. After I noticed it, and we reflect for a few days later arrived at a similar Flußstelle, I recorded with the camera views just two or three minutes later and Flußgeräusche background. It has however not always the camera while ... however, is often good sound samples. This one would have to somehow be able to record. Moreover, that one can fabricate such recordings with very nice surround tracks. Everything already tried ... sounds very interesting.

Now I am looking for A good solution for all these requirements. The previous best idea I had was the

Antwort von Axel:

Hello Christian,
The great M-Audio is the answer to many of my dreams, thanks for the tip!
Nevertheless, for Tonsamples always extends a used MD recorders (necessarily with "mic-in, line-in is not enough) for 1 / 8 the price. Only the live recording during DV recording it gets a little complicated. That can create space with minidisc sound archives, remember that eating properly synonymous sound memory.

Another story is the audio commentary. Can you better not take up the front of the calculator (maybe even in the editing program)? I myself do that with a good karaoke Micro, then come on it because of the low sensitivity with no background noise.

Antwort von chrisgau:

What a (karaoke) Micro do you use it?

The recording is directly with the s.PC of course a possibility, but I currently only lean on-board sound (RealTek ALC850). Sure ... synonymous, the Board has one mic input, but my confidence in such a stuff is relatively limited.

Ah, yes ... Speaking of 1 / 8 the price. The M-Audio part will cost about ¬ 440 Did you really think that I get a (used) portable MD recorder for ¬ 55? What kind of device would be because your recommendation. And what would you propose then a micro.


Antwort von Axel:

Hello Christian, writing about my sound equipment is a little embarrassing, it is anything but professional level. I wrote about that the M-Audio part of the answer was in my dreams. However, synonymous only second choice, first choice would be a camcorder with two XLR inputs and separate level, a Sennheiser directional micro-module, and two radio Ansteckmikros same brand. What I have two Sharp MD-MT is taken 15 recorder (two years ago on ebay ¬ 1x 45, 1x 70 ¬), whose main disadvantage of the relatively imprecise level, as well as in Comparison to the M-Audio, the digitization of analog cable ( but not be so wild). I use one of them for the collection of sounds and atmosphere (Stereo Mini-Micro Sonyfür of Atmo) Sennheiser MKE300 for mono sound. I'll take the latter synonymous for the camcorder (VX2000). For scenes, I use two Sennheiser Ansteckmikros (not mine but borrowed of a friend) that I s.The MD recorder subscribe, which is then hidden in the pocket. Will then be synchronized via Filmklappe. Had earlier with an old blanket under the micro-dynamics of comments received, because it resonates with me much. Now I have the AKG D 660S on the M-Audio Fast Track, but recommend it with reservations. The sound is very dry! I'd recommend it once, and the slashcam-user was not satisfied and exchanged it again for a dynamic micro-(and a blanket?). I pay attention to very good sound (and get him out synonymous) and would like better equipment, but three times you must guess what it fails ...

Antwort von chrisgau:

Thank you, Axel. I get really together on this issue but little concrete information, and what you have heard geschirben Schom the "most concrete".

Your equipment you must certainly not be embarrassed. Comparison to "nothing" (or one Beyerdynamic MCE 72's as a replacement for my JVC GR-board micro-is PD1) "something" at least a next step.

The Fast Track pleases me very well. For this recording in stereo, but it will then probably have to be the Fast Track Pro. However, this does not solve my mobile recording problem. Somehow suggests to me everything on the Micro tracker of M-Audio, because it basically allows everything. That with the phantom power may be largely forgotten due to unstable power supply, but there are microphones synonymous with battery, as the existing MCE 72nd

When the microphones I've looked around a little with music Thomann. Their own brand t.bone offers (to appear) usable mics fairly good prices. An example is the Stereo Microphone

Antwort von Stefan:

A small note: in the current c't 24/2005 is a Comparison of three mobile audio recorders.

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von Axel:

Hi Christian,
Stereo microphones are designed for the amusement park. Feature / interview / dialogue require micros after straightening, so mono. As you wrote yourself annoy you the dirty sources of sound during live recording. If this still quiet moments at the tape-transport noise, your sound has no chance in the postpro to become even better. A good directional microphone on the Cam (Accessory shoe) with windscreen enhances your sound on so that you might be on a separate recording the same refrain. Mono audio signals so you can pannen synonymous later and atmosphere (which of course is better in stereo) to fit. For films of any kind is certainly our desire to be the most sovereign recorder solution.

Antwort von chrisgau:

"Stefan" wrote:
A small note: in the current c't 24/2005 is a Comparison of three mobile audio recorders.

Jo ... Shortly after my last posting I noticed that synonymous. Although there was in the c't (Thank God) does not test winner, you can probably ascertain that the MicroTrack has s.besten truncated. However, one must add that all devices are (still) have their quirks.

When MicroTrack is rightly pointed out that the phantom power supply with 30V non-standard (is 48V). Since one must be careful with the Micro. Also the transmission speed is beneath all Sau (0.8MB / s, despite USB2.0). Addition, there is a too narrow arrangement of the input jacks and a permanently installed battery.

The Erdirol R-1 lacks a mic input with phantom power, which leads quite naturally to me in immediate disqualification. Otherwise, his features seem a bit more mature, but the processing to be cheaper.

The Marantz PMD660 synonymous could still be interesting, but you can record it seriously only WAV files. MP3 to 128kbit / s (solid) separates completely stopped for me. This is probably something for a voice recorder. In addition, the technical data (Dynamics are, noise, frequency response) worse than the MicroTrack.

One may well note that, despite some drawbacks exisitiert currently nothing better (at similar prices) on the market than of M-Audio MicroTrack.

Interestingly, the synonymous

Antwort von chrisgau:

Hi Axel,

"Axel" wrote:
A good directional microphone on the Cam (Accessory shoe) with windscreen enhances your sound on so that you might be on a separate recording the same refrain. Mono audio signals so you can pannen synonymous later and atmosphere (which of course is better in stereo) to fit. For films of any kind is certainly our desire to be the most sovereign recorder solution.

Well, it is then but one shoe - if not synonymous cheaper. Shall I read my Beyerdynmic MCE 72 together with the MicroTrack for Atmo-and others will use photographs and get me a MCE 86 as a directional microphone for the camera. Sennheiser certainly was synonymous ... But I am with the sound of my MCE 72 very satisfied, would therefore tend to remain with Beyerdynamic.

Thank erstmal ... has helped me.


Antwort von chmee:

Fostex and Tascam have of course been synonymous Mobile Audio
Aufm recorder market, but the products are beyond the

Fostex PD6 (8500 ¬) or FR2 (1500 ¬)
Tascam HD-P2 (1200 ¬)

mfg chmee

Antwort von MPZ:

Sorry if I'm here to talk latch time,
I actually synonymous looking something like the Micro track, thanks for the tip!

What I still might be missing is also a suitable micro!

I would like to race cars, race cars and although LUTE, EXTREMELY LOUD!

What makes the micro level with high and still refers to the top of s.den Sound
synonymous only if the vehicle is low or normal loud???

And, the MicroTrack is the right device for this??

Thanks for your help ...

Antwort von rtzbild:

Hello chrisgau,

because it must be so expensive?

Without Wexelspeicher, but with Mic connector:

Olympus DS-2 or other devices.

Hammer Radio synonymous for O-Tones.


Gruß Olli
* * on Air

Antwort von chrisgau:

@ rtzbild

I do not know the DSS recording format, but can use Windows Media Audio (WMA) format than ever listen to the used data rate and codec version are quite modest. In addition, there is compression losses in the further consideration again, if you have to change to decompress it first, then compress and then again for the output format. It is not synonymous looks like as if this voice recorder could record WAV files. In the small memory that would be synonymous totally irrational - Speicherwerweiterung seems not to be foreseen. Also missing is the microphone input with phantom power, which restricts the use of the area. Information on the linearity of the frequency response, dynamics, freedom from noise, etc. I have not found what makes me rather skeptical.

Should read ... the thing is, in my opinion, a voice recorder, but no longer synonymous not less. Nevertheless, thanks for the tip.


Antwort von MPZ:

So, I have now views the Edirol R1 concern, and while here ->


Top advice and top price!

A practical report will follow soon I will have time ....

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