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Frage von Brockhaus:


the shooting I usually use my Mini-DV camcorder.
So many snapshots succeed but only one with the video phone ...

So I want to burn the videos from the phone to CD or DVD to watch them in the best possible quality s.herkömmlichen Television (PAL) can.

My cell phone (sony ericsson Elm) has a video Resolutionvon 640 X 480 and the files have the extension mp4..
On the PC, the aspect ratio of the video distorted quite easily: transforming a circle - to put exaggerated: a 0th

Now to my questions:
1. How can the aspect ratio again "back straight"?

2. Which export formats you can recommend? I would like - as I said - look s.Television the videos on the DVD player (DivX compatible). Whether DVD, SVCD, DivX or whatever I no preference.

3. In what settings I should look for when exporting? (Know me with the whole matter is not really)

Would be very grateful for the one or other stimulus.
You me you just have a throw synonymous keywords here '... so I know where I can start ...



Antwort von Mylenium:

"Brockhaus" wrote: 1. How can the aspect ratio again "back straight"?

Probably not. With high probability the "rolling shutter" and is not a uniform compression, thus a distortion caused by the inertia of the image sensor. But there's plug-ins in After Effects & Co., to correct the a bissl, but if you have no such tool you use is the nix. For the rest - is somehow not care what you do. In each case the format is transcoded and the exact specifications then depend on the disk. DVD (Video), PAL is still upset with 720x576 pixels, but since you now have 640x360 times already, would SVCD s.naheliegendsten because there at least there is no resolution change and the video is only converted to MPEG 1.5. Since you have no choice synonymous for other settings next, the format is how it is inflexible. Simply select eg Nero SVCD, clip importing, can make program ...



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