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Frage von anju:

I'm looking for a waterproof monitor with approximately 3-4 "diagonal. Sowas do not seem to exist, because my search in the I-Net has so far been unsuccessful.

Maybe someone here knows so such a device?

It's about the signals of 3 Fingercams switch (which I probably would have anyway even build) and the recorder procedure. But I would s.Lenker of the motorcycle can see what what a Cam Picture returns. On my last tour, the Cams unfortunately often times twisted and a slate horizon is at PAL resolution is not so bright to be corrected.

I would not synonymous already a watertight monitor of that then I get out even splashproof.



Antwort von Steadycameraman:

Des meets almost good because I'm looking for a monitor synonymous my Steadycam. However, which I have found quite expensive.


Antwort von Pete21:

Sau dangerous, because what you do. On top of course, strictly prohibited.

LCD monitor this type but there are quite a few. for example. Just Google for "mini-LCD screen" Wanted.

Waterproof, you can even make him (silicon, plastic, etc.)

Such video switcher, there are, but not so small that they fit on your steering wheel. Between the 3 signals to switch them to the recorder that, is even for technology-illiterates not difficult when they get a little information. Like you, however, between the monitor still want to switch - No idea (but I'm an electrical idiot synonymous).


Antwort von Pete21:

Incidentally, the switches in no case have clean transitions. To do this you have to synchronize cameras and recorder and the device will cost an extra (expensive).


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