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Frage von Mortimer:


I want to create a pixel AE-like animation that should look something similar to stop-motion following example:

So almost a mosaic effect with irregularly staggered and uneven sized pixels. My screen looks like this:

The original idea was that I create a basic animation, then, the individual above the box.
Each individual box (precomposed, and gecropped) applied as an adjustment layer with a 1x1 mosaic filter.

Unfortunately, this does not work, because the mosaic filter is always on the entire image of the composition and concerns I've found noMöglichkeit that the filter covers only the area of the actual box and calculated a mean value.

Maybe somebody has an idea or even a solution. That would be very happy.

Thanks in advance!


Antwort von Mylenium:

Effects -> Simulation -> Dance Card
Effects -> Simulation -> Particle Playground



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