Infoseite // Most unspoiled Video FX

Frage von aight8:

Sony Vegas offers a lot of effects. But most of these "Video FX" considering they are already why are there?

Does your most synonymous only the most important of these ~ 5 Effects (Color Corr. And stop this improvement Fx's). Said Mal purely out of curiosity: P

Because somehow see no professional applications;) but are more like games .. or?


Antwort von nicecam:

Quite independently of the editing software so you should either completely ignore Effects highest of all rarest use prefabricated or flat.

I once read, you should not watch a movie, with what software he was cut.


Antwort von Marco:

The filters, which I find useful in Vegas Pro for many production are the various color correction filter, filter, create the light effects and sharpness and blur. But for these purposes coming together in Vegas already over 20 filters, from which one can choose with care.

If a movie requires a certain effect, it's not necessarily about anyway, just from a list of filters which draufzuklatschen to the video.



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