Infoseite // Move soundtrack does not work (Premiere Pro 2.0)

Frage von Luis959:

I loaded my film Holiday in individual sequences in Premiere Pro 2.0 and would now like to summarize the various topics as movie files. The whole film is on video 1 and the beginning of Audio 1
For round-shuffling, and I move some movies to video 2 or 3 This sound, however, remains on Audio 1 I can not push it synonymous to Audio 2 or 3. How does it work? Individually, I can not move the soundtrack :-(. When holding down the cursor becomes a crosshair, and I can only postpone but not mark.
Does anyone for a hobby users a few sly hints?


Antwort von Wiro:

the with the crosshairs, I can only reproduce if the audio track is locked - then enters synonymous to me.
Look left of the trail head, whether that is the case.
Gruss Wiro


Antwort von Luis959:

The soundtrack is definitely not locked. Now I have the soundtrack reduced (no wave representation) and even works out.
Is this a known bug in PP2, or I do something wrong?


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