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Frage von snb:

I have a 20-minute DV film (rotated with a Panasonic NV-GS 320) cut, encoded and burned to DVD. Unfortunately occurs with any movement in the Picture strange interlacing flickering on, no preference on which DVD player I play him (and I have 5 different fundamentally tried). When I put the movie via VLC on the TV-out play, it will be shown correctly, however what puzzles me there.

The video is correctly herausgerendert Vegas (PAL DV, 25 fps, uncompressed. Avi, LFF, no deinterlacing, Motion Blur Gaussian, best quality) and also my knowledge, correct with CCE 2.7 ins. Mpv format were: 1-pass CBR 8500 kb / s, Elementary, 25 fps, GOPS 3/4/1, Offset Line 0, 'Output top field first stream' disabled Luminance 16-235, non-linear quantization, no deinterlacing. Also, I use an allegedly highly professional high bitrate matrix, however, at last DVD encodings, where the starting material came from Panasonic, has done excellent service.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong? :)


Antwort von Markus:

"SNB" wrote: ... when any strange movement in the Picture interlacing flickering ...
There are several causes for interlace artifacts: Wrong Halbbildfolge, image scaling without deinterlacing, fine details in each line (usually with titles and animations), interlaced video without deinterlacing s.progressiven output devices, possibly synonymous progressive video on Röhrenfernsehern, .. .

What would come of it in question and how can I get this "strange interlacing flicker" imagine?


Antwort von -Daniel-:


Synonymous times I had the problem that my source material and so everything was perfect (again, DV), to the point, because I find it in the DVD structure was transformed. Suddenly the picture went under, etc.

I had, however, no *. avi file but a Quicktime Reference (on my media files back Omfi attacked) and I wanted to in the said *. mpg convert.

My calculator was then slow to about 2 GHZ ... Now I have a dual core 4GHz on total and with the same material, the same programs and settings, the Picture is now correctly ...

For me it was just s.der calculator hardware.
What is your system then it could be true?

Many greetings,



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