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Frage von Supe:


Is there - except dermäßig helpful assistance of the programs themselves - somewhere a brief description of each field options, the Appro 6 MT with the right to offer the video clip.

To plug Movie Colors "( What does the" Half Picture "? Is unfortunately not in the documentation.

Thank you!


Antwort von Stefan:

The Halbbildeinstellungen are not "options" in the sense that you are free to choose what can.

There are auxiliary crutches with which you have the program, with which Halbbildreihenfolge your source material was recorded. Or. Composingprogrammen when it's the info, like a clip to render. The info is needed for the program to correct the image with the material to be expected.

Vergeigst you to set the Halbbildreihenfolge then your video looks bad afterwards.

A clue for interlaced PAL DV material is that the bottom field first comes. Some programs recognize PAL DV independently and represent the corresponding Halbbildfolge even permanently.

For non-DV equipment is of the capture hardware depending on what comes first half. It makes sense for three test clips with the possible settings and to make a TV view, which of the three is OK. The contents of the test clips are horizontal pans, zooms and passing pedestrians.

Good luck
The thick Stefan


Antwort von Supe:

Hello Stefan!

Thank you for your detailed reply.
I had a wedding video with my XL1 filmed and then after rendering seen that weird ridges in very fast movements and photo flash show. At the Halbbildoptionen I had nothing but gefummelt, but on the detection of Appro built, but seen in retrospect that Halbbildoptionen (without) is eingestllt. Strangely it did synonymous "lower HB" not. Only with "Flim remove" did it.

The HalfPicture option in Movie Colors serve only to support lt Vorher-/Nachher-Betrachtung.



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