Infoseite // Movie Maker / Pinnacle freezes in the data one.

Frage von Annikalle:

Hi computer experts,

I try desperately to time data from my camcorder (Canon MV790) via firewire to my PC to bring. (1.6 GHz, 768MB RAM) and failure to provide that data for about 3sec to a standstill. The camcorder will run next, but the program freezes (both of the Movie Maker as synonymous Pinnacle Studio).

Does it even more info, or has someone an idea what it could?

Has anyone in general, a proposal on how to optimally the data on the PC brings? ... it is for me synonymous inexplicable how Canon can sell a camcorder without a software for data to enter?

Thank you for your tips.



Antwort von steveb:

Basically Firewire is the best solution. But if it does not work, you should visit here and read more times before all things synonymous try ....


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