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Frage von nightwishes_04:

Would like with my webcam and movie maker recording a simple music video. Live sung of me with the background music. I just tell my video or you tube. The following problem I have now. The captured video beeps when playing (not only in Movie Maker). It sounds something like a click in Cubase just quieter. Coincidentally, he sounds exactly in the time intervals as the time runs while playing. So when the second switch beep. What could that be? Is there another free program and German which I can record videos? It may simply be synonymous .. nix dolles. Thank you in advance for the answers.


Antwort von B.DeKid:


Find times to "capture webcam" in Google or any other cause TuCows Capture software.

Then Microphone uses what you have? The Web cam to another?

Perhaps it is s.dem Micro ......

Maybe you can with a separate Micro and later cut by the video because what magic.

Alla MfG
B. DeKid


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