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Frage von Marion1966:


At the moment I'm just a nature documentary using Movie Maker to create, in parallel with voice recordings as synonymous with background music should be.
So far I have done it, the audio commentary (voice recording)
and the music file into the Audio / Music track übereinanderzulegen so
Voice and recorded music can run in parallel. Unfortunately, it sounds even when playing has not really great, as I said in the respective language of the film breaks the Music would like to emphasize loud.
So far I have found no possibility of whether and how it works.
Can I do give someone a tip?
Thank you very much.
Best regards


Antwort von Stefan:

You're s.den borders of the things with the Movie Maker is feasible.

I would s.deiner place to another video editing program to invest. There are several demo versions, so you can choose good. The project started as a yes, you can export Rohfilm and in the new program.

Alternatively, you can trace the background music and voice track separately and still make the audio in an audio program with mehrspurfähigen fading opportunities. Then you ran video and remix together.

Good luck
The thick Stefan


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