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Frage von baristursun:

I would like from the file (see link) zum Bild only the audio track than happy. wav or. mp3 to normal on this CD to burn them to listen to me in the player.
In the past I tried it once. Only it was a different type (think. Mpg) went there with the help of TMPGEnc.
Unfortunately, when I push this file s.meine not Grenze.Komme next.

All I can do in the open Movie Maker and edit, but if the file as. Wmv is created and then I s.Ende the player (no preference whether Winamp, VLC Media Pl. Etc) play, missing the sound.

Would you like a tip, I could solve this problem?

Thanks in advance



Antwort von schnubbi:

Sorry, login worked nicht.Nun go :-)


Antwort von Gast 0815:

With Virtualdub (
is generating a wave file from Avi so:
1) File upload: File-> open video file
2) Save Wave File-> save wave
To Avi edit with WMM
1) above as a wave audio used: audio -> wave audio file and select it
2) in Video -> Direct stream copy select
3) File with F7 to save under a different name, then edit with WMM.

Greetings from Marburg


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