Infoseite // Movie Maker Avi File distorted in the Width

Frage von Soneva:

AVI video files that I created with Smarth Morh, can play back correctly in Windows Media Player () right size when imported to Movie Maker but the video is distorted. Filter settings under TOOLS OPTION unfortunately no change. How can we fix this? Other files such as AVI from DV camcorder through gate on Movie Maker funktinieren tadelos.Enorm urgent! Thanks for any tip.


Antwort von Peter S.:

Maybe Smart Morph writes false information about the pixel Seitenverhältniss into AVIs. DV-Avi has rectangular pixels that is compared to analog video or still images from a camera.
MFG Peter


Antwort von Soneva:

For projects with 2 digital photos of the digital camera it works. For some combinations Stillimage been scanned and digital works are synonymous. (For other photos, of course, the most important), with the same combination (Scanfoto + Digital)'s not re-works. There is apparently no discernible regularity ....(?) greeting Soneva


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