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Frage von Calyp:

Hi folks,
that the Movie Maker program is not the bets, I now found out. Unfortunately, I have a few hours of work put in video, which my Dad wanted for Christmas gifts. When I try to view the video on a CD to save, save it, unfortunately not with the pictures, but a large 1MB WMM file, the images can not find when I use the CD to another PC insert. If I interpret this correctly, this file only stores references, and not the images themselves
Can someone tell me how I save it, so now after that I can take the video, and not my whole Tower must offer?
Thank you in advance and now all Happy Holidays!


Antwort von Markus:


on which output device will run the video? On your PC or DVD player?

For the former, it is sufficient if you get the movie via File> Save Movie as WMV file exportierst and CD burning.

The DVD player has some targets in terms of video compression and data structure and there is the WMV format not helping. Look in Wikipedia under the Video CD (VCD) or Super Video CD (SVCD). In this case you would the movie from Movie Maker out as DV-AVI save, then with any other software to compress MPEG format and as a VCD or SVCD on a blank CD burn.

If you have the option, a DVD-video to burn, then this would be a better-quality goal.


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