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Frage von simone0709:


Voted for my daughter a really nice video created with Movie Maker. I did the video synonymous to a CD or DVD store, but he always saves so that no DVD recorder can read it.

NERO memory I have my DVD recorder can read everything, but NERO about my video, I can not edit (prestressing, post-tensioning, video transitions).

Perhaps one can help me, if I was in Movie Maker to be prepared somewhat differently, or NERO as I can edit my video?

Vielen Dank schon mal.


Antwort von B.DeKid:


You have to be the finished film on the plate / disk.
Then with the help of Nero as a DVD Project start and finished the movie again on DVD of NERO can convert.

I recommend NERO but very reluctantly so because it's what A BURNING PROGRAM and is not an encoder.

Use of perhaps SUPER eRightsoft or TMPEGenc you can find via Google.
SUPER is free and can create any format.

B. DeKid


Antwort von simone0709:

Thanks, I try the same.


Antwort von erm.nadine:


I have the following problem, I'm bloody Beginners with the Movie Maker, have achieved so far as everything, but can someone tell me how I use these so-called "cross fade feature several songs in a row (or cut off) can be set to play? I've already read through the entire help, my music is WMA file as it seems to be synonymous, but nowhere can I find the possibility of a second song in addition to the first set and the first level to a certain time to reduce. HELP! Had super me because if someone can get further help.
Thank you very much


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