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Frage von Takashi:

Hello folks!

Has anyone experience with device diesm: Movie Master HDD Yakumo
Is a multimedia player enclosure for 3.5 "plates ... s.Screen looks quite interesting, but unfortunately did not test reports can google ...!
If someone can say, I would be very grateful!

ps: I am allowed to post NEN link ...?


Antwort von oliver II:

"Takashi" wrote: ps: I am allowed to post NEN link ...?


Antwort von takashi:

ahier the link to the site:


Antwort von schnuffi:

Did it yesterday bought a part, is super! Beautifully quiet, it is synonymous and the power supply is barely warm (opposite of my current external hard drive, where it then glühheiß even if they do not switch it on - Theme Stromsparen ....)

The remote control is clever s.der bottom of the Movie Master angclipt (Great for transport, if you fast times its entire MP3, Still image and video collection to friends wants to take) is quite intuitive and the instructions is quite sensationally good. The correct German and not "You need only pull tab through nipples so kommst menu. However, the handling so easy that the instructions after the first reading can be set away eh.

MP3 functionality first: you may be in any collection Ordnersturkturen (!) To store and play. Long file names are no problem and s.Screen be properly displayed. The tracks will be sorted out properly, not like most DVD players with USB connector for hard disks in the order in which they are physically (!) Draufkopiert be. Since then becomes a giant gibberish that, if you are already Abba, Beatles, Dead Can Dance and ZZ Top on the plate and has only later times draufkopiert Enigma, which is then namely ZZ Top gelistet synonymous and the tracks of the albums themselves are not in the correct order but as they stop by the PC were rüberkopiert grade. That might fit for photos, for music and video does not. When Yakumo Movie Master gibts this idiocy (finally) no more.

The only drawback: there is an "random-play mode, but the shuffelt but only the active folder (usually the currently selected CD) and not the entire music collection. Can you live with, so can the others and is not synonymous with the other features, respectively. Although it would be fine - I hope so for a firmware upgrade ...

Have already synonymous DivX and DVD movies and photos out. Alles bestens. For photos you can with the direction buttons rotate images, (eg vertical photographs). Zooming is synonymous. Echt through. Pity that the supposed s.der back Firewire interface synonymous not really there, but probably would have been because no DV camera can attach, but it would be an alternative to USB for PC Connection had. USB 2 is the better choice anyway and sauschnell.

The rear connections are sufficient, sound and picture quality (via SCART, the others I have not tried) is very good.

All in all, a true recommendation. Would I buy again.


Antwort von pelvisl:

Funny. I've since yesterday synonymous equal 2 ('s for sleeping, 1 for your living room) and me all day today with a herumgeschlagen, result: even plays exactly nix. to all the movies - no preference in what format - the movie shows only master fragezeichen, jpg's are all the 'corrupt', although I can easily see s.pc ... mp3 I have not tried, but I need him not really. I'm tired. Has anyone the solution for me? Would gaaanz grateful!


Antwort von pelvisl:

Problem solved: NOT compress plate! Device after the decompression runs flawlessly, I can only agree Vorposetr. LG


Antwort von StefanS:

Report Schnuffis I would like to believe yes, if it does not thoroughly with the following sentence would have been destroyed:

"Schnuffi" wrote: USB 2 is the better choice anyway and sauschnell.




Antwort von Choppa:

What is it with the volume of operation sounds like? Have another forum in which they read to be annoying ..


Antwort von Eva Maier:

Which operating noise?
MP3 128bps / s

/ E



Antwort von firlefanz:

Yakumo is not currently in bankruptcy?


Antwort von camworks:

the white man somehow not as accurate ... ;-)
see here:


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