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Frage von remofritzsche:

Hi There

I play for a long time with the idea s.ein Film Wiki. So, a platform such as Wikipedia, perhaps based on the same software, just relating to filmmaking. Conceptions of equipment (cameras, lighting), professions, project ideas, tutorials and maybe a good link lists.

What keeps the idea of her? That would be a project course, where as many people know their work and share them.

Until now, I am not aware of such a wiki, only some glossary, but neither complete nor particularly deep are.

If interested, I could possibly obtain the domain and host the whole thing first.

Domain would be as or something ...



Antwort von B.DeKid:

Good idea but questioned how successful the whole then

I think there is enough in the wiki entries Bzgl film / art, then we have forums like this yet, and IMDB.

The wiki with its functioning is very much work.

B. DeKid

PS. With my success I do not lucrative.


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