Infoseite // Movie as Banner / stripes / 3:1 output

Frage von Cello0200:


I would like to know your solutions to the following problem: D

I want to create a video which later
Aspect ratio of about 1000 x has 400!
So more of a longitudinal stripes!

I can take all this in 720p or 1080p

720 would be so rich here!

The video should be embedded in a website!
Here's an example

Now to my questions:

I have been the eighth rotation of the image sections and the whole trimmed later, or do I just round later in the post without distorting it?

Greetings Marcel


Antwort von Jott:

"I respect even when turning on each cutout"

Of course, this is essential. The best display / monitor with masking tape Gaffertape accordingly.


Antwort von Cello0200:

Thank you first for your answer!

Sorry, but I know now the only one of my thinking not so bad ever

So masking tape all over the monitor and then cut?

Anyone here know how a process called such?


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