Infoseite // Movie is too big when converting to SVCD

Frage von Guenni25:

I try a long time movies with Nero to burn.
You have always synonymous the right size for a SVCD (700MB)
But if I An SVCD with Nero will burn in the menu and add the movie, she is at once nearly twice as large and of course no longer fits on the disc. Why is that? Can you help me?


Antwort von Stefan:

Nero apparently the film tries to SVCD compliant video format umzukodieren.

How long is your movie?

At SVCD fits approximately 35 to 55 minutes of film. 35 minutes is normal, for longer shooting the encoder you have to - when it reaches the encoder is possible - especially setting (low bitrate or quality).

Good luck
The thick Stefan


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