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Frage von matarese:

I have a Matrox card, the mpeg2 file separate stores on the disk, ie. Sound and Picture not separated like AVI joined together.
There is a program that can join the two again? but it should always remain MPEG file such as AVI file and picture together as one ton file.
Thanks for the reply.


Antwort von Eva Maier:

Look for at (com)
or try yourself with Tmpgenc

/ EM


Antwort von Strahlemann:


Although your Matrox card does not know but I'm sure 90% that you can switch between Elementary and Program Stream ...


Antwort von Markus:

Hello "Guest"

The RT.X100 outputs two files: a m2v and a wav with the video with the sound. This is perfectly normal. Everything else is in the following contribution:

-> Merging of audio - and video track


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