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Frage von swatch:

I got my movies in mpeg format downloaded - they did with the nero burning program - burn process successfully - only shows the s.Ende Dvd not only to file - as if they are "empty" would be ??????
Belongings have already read some posts here, but I do not come next!
Thanks for a helpful answer!
Ps: I'm not necessarily a PC Specialist!


Antwort von gibson:

Hello swatch,

1) Your title is much too general. Since erstmal None knows what it is
2) What has this question in the forum "Pinnacle" lost?

So much for the formal part:)

What did you think for a DVD burn? A data DVD or a video DVD? Shows the PC is no data, or an external DVD player? Have you in the Nero DVD finalize leave? (or multi-session).

Describe s.besten again very carefully and step by step what you have tamed. Otherwise it is a poking in the fog.

gruß, kay


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