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Hello together

I have my final point is a win-tv card, I've increased my VCR and then connected to temporarily take a hand full of old Disney movies on for archiving on my hard drive. Since my grandson's upcoming birthday, I wanted to make him a joy and gift him a DVD with several Disney films on it.


I take with me on what the program Davideo but only offers the possibility to be incorporated in the MPEG format, these files are big but the mere pro film 4 to 8 GB.
Now I wanted to know if there is ne way to the en-or decoding. or a program she created at once in a format other combustibles.

Thanks for the replies and help.

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Antwort von matthew:

if you can not burn dvd-9 is that hardly a problem, I think ...

naja otherwise you have to actually compress again, either directly in divX (you can even synonymous for many dvd players), or you just need to encode your mpeg files again.

And again I can only put nero vision express to the heart: it makes pretty much anything you want, just be synonymous s.schluss your vob files for dvd .... quite good! ;)



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