Infoseite // Mpeg to 4:3 in a 16:9 project with Encore CS3

Frage von Alex.A:


I have a mpeg2 stream available, the cut was 16:9, but unfortunately as 4:3 is exported. Thus, I have top and bottom black bars.

The video should be in a 16:9 Project are authored in Encore. As the stream contains an incorrect format, I would like to know how I do in a 16:9 Project (without beam) can use. I suspect that the first bar to be removed or how should I proceed?

Where possible, the stream should not be encoded again.

For all the tips I am grateful.

Greetings and a nice WE


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Look for "Crop" in the help because the beams are removed.

"Stretch" is there but I think, again to be the Picture.

If no apparent quality loss revealed.

B. DeKid

PS. Cropping, you can synonymous with Virtual Dub in Direct Stream procedures.


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