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Frage von Frank F.:

Hi, after I create my film with MSP8 (Avi) and with TMPGEnc DVD konvorme MPEG-encoded file, then I have accidentally deleted the avi-file!
Now I want the DVD konvorme convert MPEG to AVI file back again so I can save my movie to DV tape!
I know that it is synonymous with MSP funzt, but what video - and audio codec, must I set in TMPGEnc, so that I get a real DV-Avi file?

Thanks for the tips!

Frank F.


Antwort von Acer:

Hi Frank,

You can really ertsellen from a Mpeg2 file back an AVI file? To me that sounds illogical. Mpeg2 is still so highly compressed encoding, which stores only the difference between the individual frames. This way you'll get no individual frames more for the Avi.

Or is it still today with our technology?




Antwort von Gast:

above all, it really makes no sense, an MPEG into a DV-AVI to convert to DV and then off-band.
You may already realize that the quality, the band then you have to, absolutely nothing has with a DV-AVI to do, right?
when your ursprungs-AVI to MPEG compression, the quality has already suffered extreme - which is not converted by a "backwards" fix will be.


Antwort von muzzz:

"Frank F." wrote: (...) I then accidentally deleted the avi-file!
If it is not already too late, I would try to restore the origin-AVI file. Fitting, free program for this is


Antwort von prem:

"Acer" wrote: You can really ertsellen from a Mpeg2 file back an AVI file? To me that sounds illogical.
Is entirely logical. MPEG 2 but not saving any video image completely - for playback it does not completely stored images, but in any case be calculated. Otherwise, your DVD player or digital TV receiver so was synonymous only Ruckelbilder. When's it is so, you can easily store the calculated intermediate synonymous with 'nem different codec.

AVI or not is the wrong question anyway. In 'ner AVI file can be completely uncompressed Picture and sound in there, just within the single image data (such as reduced DV), or as MPEG-2 with intermediate working Datenquetschen (DivX, etc.).


Antwort von Markus:

Hi Frank,

if the project file still exist and MSP has this feature, you could possibly capture the images, and batch-export the new DV-AVI. But this is only for digital recordings, which have a unique timecode.


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