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Frage von anno:

Hello together I aA problem.

I want to bring MPEG 1 video in DIVX format. But converting this is not the problem. I know myself with this topic is not absolute.
I prepared by 2 images, that you can see how it worked. But I wanted to know if you can not do better the quality of the video of me, so the endvideo to DIVX?

Original Quality:

zum Bild

Data from Compression:
[list] Average Bitrate: 4000 Mbps
Encryption setting: Standard
Encryption mode: Multipass Nth pass
Modulation bit rate: 0.25
12 fps
[/ list: u: 47871f7492]

the transformed images:
zum Bild

mfg anno

Would be fine if I could help someone! :-)


Antwort von grovel:

Find the really pretty good.
I believe that DivX is synonymous a cartoon mode, then an animated films a bit better encoded. But if you look carefully, most of the picture noise in the starting material already available, but will hold true through the re-compression of visible, because you can not do much.

SeeYa grovel


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