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Anschluss mehrerer Videorekorder für zeitgleiches Überspielen auf Festplatt

Multi-VCR for simultaneous recording to hard drive

Frage von Bijan:
August 2009

Hello everybody!
I have read in this forum very many contributions and thereby gained the impression that can be readily answered by professionally competent Tips lot of questions. Now I myself have a question.

I'm in a team sport coverage in amateur sports, especially such as amateur football. Several Cams are (in operation, mostly 2 Cams, sometimes synonymous 3 Cams) that record each game from different perspectives on DV tape.

As subsequent reports must be completed very quickly, I try the video tapes as quickly as possible into the calculator einzuspielen, that I connect multiple s.and VCR via firewire s.den Calculator try the strip material einzuspielen simultaneously in the calculator.
Among the recorders is the JVC BR-DV3000 and the SonyHVR-M 25 U. For dubbing I've always been using the JVC BR-DV3000, the very synonymous with the editing software Corel Pro X2 harmony. To dub so I use the software Corel Pro X2 (; or synonymous Video Studio 12) and for cutting the video material I use the Adobe Premiere Pro CS 4th
The dubbing of the material with Adobe Premiere I have given up, because Adobe is not (both VCR and he knows).
The SonyHVR M-25 U, I later purchased me recently. As soon as I turn on the recorder I get (; like the JVC synonymous) of Windows, the query what I want to do now. When I dubbed the " 'pick and then start synonymous ends being dubbed as soon as I start the program Corel Pro X 2 for the dubbing of the 2nd Band. However, if I only run Corel, then the 2nd VCR switch on, with the 1st Corel tape dubbing with Windows and then the 2nd tape dubbing works the venture.

My questions s.euch:
Has anyone ever made in terms of experience simultaneous dubbing of video material?
Would it be worthwhile to buy another video software such as Magix, which I dub for a 3rd Use the videotape could or would block each other Programs?

I have a Intel Dual Core Processor 2.6 GHz with each ... 7 GB DDR 2 RAM and an Nvidia 9800 graphics card

Greeting s.alle


Antwort von carstenkurz:

Something unusual request. If someone has not accidentally solved a similar problem with Mehrfacheinspielung, you should get on with making general statements about this difficult. That the Programs / Startup partially block each other, at least not surprise me. And do not get on some Programs and Drivers with all appliances, is indeed synonymous known.

And even when the times comes, it naturally can still lead to unpleasant problems with occasional hangers and picture dropouts. In the long run it would of course be much more relaxed working with tapeless cameras, but that would mean in your case, so substituting by new ones of multiple cameras.

No idea if it would help to incorporate additional FW card. Costs do indeed nothing more. Had no experience with this, however, synonymous, like Windows or get on the capture to Programs.
Sure I would certainly be worth a try.

Otherwise, some low-cost PC equipped with FW completely separate and capture, transfer over the network or external disk is yes then no big deal. There might be an additional Calculator indeed synonymous nor otherwise use reasonable here. For the pure DV Import Yes ranges really a very old calculator. As far as running the connection of the two recorders s.den Calculator, simply a FW card with multiple inputs?
Ideally, we would all do so directly with 3 parallel recordings. But s.einem Calculator complicates the matter of course, the next. What software are there with any other compatible - you probably need to try hard.

If you wanted to optimize its performance is the whole, they would tape each on a separate removable disk or add eSATA disk and would have cut synonymous with a correspondingly high level of performance from such a record rate. Whether this is financially acceptable for you, no idea. As I said, neither the additional Calculator, or the FW cards or plates have to cost a lot especially. Monitor with multiple inputs or small KVM switch. And also a guarantee that you do not Hakeleien s.FW by bus every now and then you were dropouts or picture loss. If one finds sowas only during editing, it is obviously annoyed with a deadline in the back.

- Carsten

Antwort von Bijan:

Hi Carsten!
Thank you for your answer!
I installed several firewire cards in the computer. A Firewire card is onboard, and 2 additional FW cards are attached to the motherboard. So s.der hardware is not it fails. icvh guess rather that it could lead to more software conflicts.
As I said, I have to have a recorder on Corel Videostuzdio 12 running, the other directly through Windows and the funktinoerte ... (;) After the 3rd attempt. We must retain the right order. (Another use calculator, which I have probably true) I do not think this is so useful, as well as the use of an external hard drive, since the data would then be exported or rewritten several times and that would take a lot of time and resources in Ansprch.
I have a total of 3 physical hard disks in the calculator, which I distribute the files synonymous.
I once Sonyangefragt when, and who thought that one could connect the recorder synonymous over an I-Link Job s.den computer. How exactly do I have to work heruasfinden times ....

Greeting Bijan

Antwort von newsart:

Hello, we have experience with the task.

Perhaps two very brief tips:

1. I-Link is the Sony name for firewire

2. There are con Canopus (; Canopus capture) a program that can capture multiple streams at the controls of multiple sources. Thus, we have been easily four DV sources simultaneously recorded. More should Canopus / Edius scientific experts.


Antwort von thos-berlin:

There is a software of computer-Suh in Oldenburg, the multiple DV streams simultaneously capture. It is eigenlich for time-synchronous multi-channel recordings intended, but it can certainly realize synonymous simultaneous tape recordings.

On this occasion one might consider Later, these Recording synonymous site during the tape already in the calculator (; long DV cable provided). Then can be immediately cut loose after the game already.

You can purchase a time limited demo version.

Antwort von carstenkurz:

"Bijan" wrote:
(Another use calculator, which I have probably true) I do not think this is so useful, as well as the use of an external hard drive, since the data would then be exported or rewritten several times and that would take a lot of time and resources in Ansprch.

The idea is that the material is recorded directly on the plate is then synonymous of the cut. So either of 2 Calculator via the web, or via an external USB / eSATA or SATA disk removable frame. Since then has to be copied synonymous nothing.

But if it do the above-mentioned solutions of Canopus / GV and Suh, that certainly is the better solution. Which are synonymous to ensure that all works without dropped frames or other Hakeleien.
The Suh stuff does not look interesting. Unfortunately, it looks nowhere Prices, however, should be so quick to clarify. When the shop is synonymous to assume that if necessary, make a quick adjustment s.neue equipment if it again gives a Kompatibilitäsproblem. With a little luck, the tool is very expensive.

Am I correct that you're now limited to 2 sources? After all, it is possible to play along so easily take synonymous cheapest DV camcorder, there would be indeed synonymous equal to 3 springs a big problem.

Live Capture have on the sports field would of course be extremely time-saving, but fails s.allerlei realities ;-)

To Tip Of Sony: Ouch ....

- Carsten

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