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Multicam Color Correction / Farbanpassungen Vegas

Multicam Color Correction / Color adjustments Vegas

Frage von JulianW:
Oktober 2009

Hi everybody,

so now I come to the next step to adjust: The colors of three cameras.

Two cameras are fairly mild, the third has a slight orange tinge, there was nothing done s.White Balance and I have now got together somehow so d s.The match three.

On YouTube, I found only tutorials, which can improve the color of a camera, and I with the plug-in "Color Correction" still barely getting along.

However ... is this the right way? How can I edit the same three video tracks so that they contribute as equal as possible afterwards, is there any other way than to edit each track individually to Pi times the thumb until it looks as if everything fits together?

I mean, for photos, I would define in a Stillimage a white dot and then in another Stillimage exactly the same point, looking for (yes, the cameras have filmed all take exactly the same thing) and then as the central point. If s.der for example, a specific point in camera 1 white wall, then he is in the Camera 2 and Camera 3 indeed be synonymous.

Somehow it seems to me that the color correction plug-in is not acting as quite so simple. ;-)

Another thing: Does something about it, make color correction equal to the entire track, rather than separately for each clip? All the clips on the track indeed come from the same camera, only the other tracks are then of the other cameras.

Love, Julian!

Antwort von Marco:

So you do not will work within the multi-cam mode?


Antwort von JulianW:

At the moment I am still with recent adjustments in terms of synchronization, then I will copy all three tracks (just as a backup, not) for processing, and one multi-cam track (video, audio does not go).

I would think that I should make the color adjustments before, because otherwise, is indeed "all zusammengeklatscht. Say: If I shall then applying effects, but then for all three videos in the format multi-track, right? So I would think that the color correction, as well as the synchronization must be made in advance. Or am I mistaken?

Love, Julian!

Antwort von deti:

Corrections should be made whenever possible s.Rohmaterial close, so that the playing field for other filters / effects are largely identical. Vegas, this allows the addition of media effects.


Antwort von JulianW:

You mean, Vegas allows you to add in the multicam track effects to a single video track? As far as I know I can add even synonymous in the trimmer, but somewhere, the question of how much work that makes sense.

Since there are multiple clips per Camera is my idea of making everything into a track, I did not make it dmait for each clip must. And s.der point, I think, make the changes in the tracks before I draus a multi-track makes more sense.

Last but not least: I find it easier synonymous clearer. First run everything correct, then all the colors, then make the multi-track draus and the rough cut.

On the subject of raw materials and changes as close as possible s.Rohmaterial: As I understand Vegas is Vegas so far only once no change but sets the filter on it only. Say: It stores, where which filter belongs, where the chapter marks are udn cuts, but nothing will change s.Rohmaterial and synonymous Renders only in the preview.

Is it not almost no preference where I use a filter? If the raw material will not be at once eh?

Love, Julian!

Antwort von Marco:

Basically, your reasoning is correct. But at the moment, by you doing out of your project is a multi-cam project, there are no more traces of the previously established - and thus disappear from your trail synonymous filtering in Nirvana.

If it's a multi-cam project, then do it the way Deti has suggested:

Apply the filter to a media effect. It goes either by right-clicking on the events in the timeline and Choice of media effects. Or, right-click the clips in the project media and Choice of media effects (as an alternative to the direct selection of a clip above s.Rand the project media window on the FX), click icon.

For the color correction filter Color Corrector is already a good choice. If synonymous contrast / brightness to be adjusted, this should first be dealt with even the filter levels.
Color Corrector is a very flexible filter, with which you should make you somewhat familiar with. One explanation to this is found in the filter window itself (the question mark icon).


Antwort von JulianW:

Hi Marco,

okay, that fact when the filter create multicam lost track, I do not know. But I find irritating ... because it seems to me the concept of "multicam" not to be perfectly round. If I have a filter in a track, the track will add to a Multicam ... I would expect that to remain available filters exist. And as far as I can see there is not even a warning that "current filter are not taken" or something.

As always synonymous, well, that I know beforehand.

Now, the filter must, therefore, directly into the clip. How can I then determine the multicam track, which is prin on track / on the camera in the filter? And how can I apply the same filter synonymous to all other clips of the Camera? In the second case, I assume the "Save as defaults" and then apply again. Yet it would be nice that you can do the same for the whole track at once.

But back again to multicam track. I then have three tracks in one. Filters for Color Correction, I should like to address a single one of the tracks, for other effects, I would like to address all three tracks at once. I will take out such Advertisement for different image sharpness, thus making the Picture "soft" to bet then Articles with high sharpness in the foreground. I would also like the NewBlue s.Anfang the video effect "comic apply" so that the whole video once comic is similar, then various tracks fade-ins and then across to the start of the actual seminar, the comic effects of a few seconds take out a transition. Those are the main effects, as viewers want to clean the film and and for text rausgeleiten Advertisement focussing on the text.

As always synonymous, both were just the background. This, however, know why I even effects on the full multicam track, so use all three tracks, in other cases such as the Color Correction filter only one on a track in the track but will apply to all clips.

Is that too complicated for Vegas, so I have to do everything individually, or is the synonymous cleaner?

All LIebge, Julian!

Antwort von Marco:

This is s.der structure of a multi-cam project. It is not, as you describe it, 3 tracks in one, but there are 3 clips to a so-called "takes" are now in an event. This is a big difference. This philosophy is one eingefleischen Vegas users with the concept of the special takes even more work to be familiar with. Otherwise you have to get used to, in fact, something in it and depending on the working methods they will soon appreciate the benefits.
Actually, the only thing s.diesem multi-cam concept is not yet "is about" what Ruessel complained in another thread: that namely a multi-cam project so far can not be that easy again dissolved into its individual tracks. While this is of course already, but not on a button.

"How can I then determine the multicam track, which is prin on track / on the camera in the filter?"

While - as described above - the effects are applied as media effects.

If in a multi-cam project also synonymous filter should be applied simultaneously to all the cameras, you can use in exactly this case, the filter as a track-FX, then it's on a multicam track.
Similarly, you could use the filter as a "Video Output FX" above the preview window. This affects the entire Project.

You can also synonymous several tracks by compositing child connect and link with each other thereby selectively apply filter to a trace of the composite and still synonymous with pre-and post-signal circuit.

That is, in Vegas there are five to six different ways to apply filter - depending on the workflow. There is no editing software, the filtering would be applied as flexible as this. Do not cry the same. Erstmal 's what little bit of Vegas to meet and get acquainted.


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