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Frage von Marc Schneider:

Moin s.alle,

has anyone of you experience with multimedia hard disks which have a composite or Svideo input?
It is about the recording of a lengthy competitive sports (5 weeks a 6 days per 8 hours).
The material should be made relatively timely into the net, so that a recording on tape with subsequent Echtzeitüberspielung into the editing program, and following conversion to Flash format would be too time consuming. Furthermore, the band material, and the head wear of the camera would be fatal.

Sliced must be not much, actually there is only a hard top and cut s.Wettkampf s.end a section. Farbkorektur falls away, which already must agree to the recording. The station logo is purely to render the Flasformat.
The format will be SD.

My original idea was, with one netbook and a "Video2Dvd" card to be transferred directly from the output of the camera and then overnight to render the material.
Now I've tried two different TV cards and video cards and can not do anything at all with the result. Unfortunately, there lay the cards (with 2 Lappis various attempts) did not even hinzubekommen a pivoting smoothly. Top quality, I did not expect that it will indeed ultimately anyway "will only be shown" on the Internet. Unfortunately, the quality of the cards is not sufficient for synonymous.

Now I have encountered in Netzt about so-called "multimedia" hard disks with Video Input and wonder whether something more strips, or whether you can record it.

Has anyone of you experience with the plates? Respectively. has anyone happens to be standing around at the time and could make a small test?

Thanks for all the tips.



Antwort von B.DeKid:

You can, via software, Live Capture, if you are using a FireWire connection.

B. DeKid


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